Safety First

I don’t know who wrote/made this but it goes without saying that if you cannot put this out for all to see and mean it you are not a good person.

You see I look at life like this do no harm (period). I feel it is something we all should aspire to be.

This is a simple statement and I would love to personally say thank you to whoever made it. It says everything that I love to do in my life. Now I challenge you to do the same. If you can there are two things I would love for you to do. Join these groups if they are in your area.

Men can even join sometimes hugs heal wounds.


I have been a member of the Human Library for about four years. Now it is my pleasure to be a member of the board in Launceston Tasmania. It was where I started to learn how to speak in public. Joining this changed my life as I learned that even though I am Disabled, Transgender, Dyslexic, and so many other things. I am just like everyone else. We all have amazing stories of life. Come and have a read.

There are so many things you can do today to accomplish the idea of being a safe person. It is after all more than just words it is a way of life. It has no if’s, and’s or even but’s. That means if someone is telling you that you need to exclude someone because they are different you need to really think about their request. Don’t give into hate or even unconscious bias. Make a stand and be a safe person.

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