Here is a quick one and I want you to use it. Right now all over the world there are #snowflakes using the term Cancel Culture as a way to keep bad things going to make them look right. We need a change that only you can provide. The term that is being used is incorrect and misleading. Things of the past that we now find offensive are because we as a society have grown to a point we have learn from the past. Those who have not learned cling to the mistakes and double down on them by using the term Cancel Culture.

So how so we change this? I am going to give you a very simple answer that was created by LeVar Burton. It is not Cancel Culture it is Consequences culture. So everytime we see someone using Cancel Culture we need to apply the hashtag #ConsequencesCulture. It is time to light a fire of Truth. Here is the video where LeVar Burton makes his point.

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