Like wolves in sheeps clothing

“Wolves in sheeps clothing” is a saying as old as even I can remember if not older. It is used when you need to be careful of someone or something. Or when you describe the actions of a person or group.

With no real shock the group who are called the LBG Alliance has made its way to Australian shores. With them comes old attitudes, old segregationist ideals, old discrimination, and even older victim mentality.

Let’s not beat around the bush when it comes to this group. They are by very explanation the Wolf who hides in the heard of sheep. In Victoria Australia they actively supported keeping conversion therapy. Which in case you didn’t know is a form of mental and physical torture. Which has been widely debunked by the medical community worldwide.

But if this was not the icing on the cake they actively promote and mislead the general population. By saying that Transgender youth are being given Hormones. It feel like this is becoming a scratched record always saying the same things that are poorly researched.

Let’s set the record straight. Treating children with hormones is unethical and is not done. In fact, there is wide support for the WPATH guidelines in Australian medical circles. Which are also governed by the Australian Medical Board which can be found at [Link]. What MIGHT be given before puberty begins is Puberty Blockers which are Histrelin & Leuprolide acetates. Once a child reaches 16-18 they are then switched to Hormone blockers (spironolactone) and given a pathway to Medical Transition, unless that person has chosen to stay as their birth gender. There are no prolonged life-altering issues with puberty blockers. Except there is a surgical issue that might result if a person chooses to proceed to Medical Transition Penis Tissue might not be long enough for Gender Affirming Surgery. This then requires skin grafts for the surgical site.

This week I opened my facebook just to waste some time and came across a Ad from the LGB Alliance. I chose to add my voice as many did to the rejection of this group. I was pleasantly surprised to see some of my friends also join in and support my comment. Though there was one person who started a thread that for the most part was accurate. Then one of the LGB Alliance(LGBA) supporters spoke up. As the LGBA began posting false information about the Medical Side of being Transgender I chose to add my voice. Which when the truth is spoken about a subject and you can give proper and informative information most will back down from their stories.

As I have said in the past this is not a place to get angry about what they are saying, which will provide nothing but frustration. Which will make not only your points to be ignored but make you out to be what they think of you in the first place. It is also safe to say that many of these wolves are setting the Transgender Community up. By wanting you to get mad so they can say “Look how that man still acts, nothing has changed.”

We also need to look at the Rainbow flag when it was created it was done in a way to show the inclusion of many different groups all under the same banner. This gives power, this gives strength, and this gives UNITY. The LGBA seeks to rip out one part of the unity which will show the extremists in our society that all they have to do is focus on one group and when that group is weakened they will go for the next. One would think I should not have to say anything about this but it does seem strange that to get more visibility LGBA is tearing down the Transgender community. It is like chopping off your hand for a hangnail.

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