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I love having a page that is linked to giving this information [Link]. Keeping track of these groups can be a bit daunting effort. Even requires checking into who they are as well as the actions of the organization. Sometimes the members while part of an organization might be a mouthpiece that creates problems where there was none before that person.

I am not perfect and I am always willing to be given evidence that a group is misunderstood. Giving that group a chance to clear their name. It is only fair that I give that right. Today I am adding one that was off my radar I would never have seen them as they really are a minor group who will have very little impact due to general science does not fully agree with their positions. But after a brief chat with one of their co-founders I am happy to put them up.

Save Women’s Sports Australasia

While I do agree with them on the issue of Adult transitioning transgender in sports as a bit unfair. Unless certain guidelines are followed. My view on this subject is based on my knowledge of physical abilities and the use of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). There was a time when my strength was at a point where very comfortable in what I could do. I knew that there would come a time where this would diminish based on age and transition based issues. I have been on HRT for 6 years. In that time I have lost a good portion of my physical prowess. But in saying that it is not all gone or even down to a point where an average cis-woman might be at. Though I have lost the overall ability to sustain the use of those muscles at high exertion. Kind of like putting in a v6 in a diesel and hoping for the same results. It is not going to happen for me. But I was never a top level athlete. There is a huge difference in a person that is at that level and myself. So therefore we need regulations in place as to not disadvantage the field of sport. I also must state there are those who are the one in a million and at the top of their game. But we are not talking about those people.

I know you might be going uhm… but indulge me for a little bit more. Lance Armstrong broke the rules of fair sport we can all agree that what he did was wrong and he could not have done it without drugs. Now think if you have a Transwoman who has not medically transitioned but socially. This still leaves them at a huge advantage on the field of sport. That is just not fair for anyone, plus it results in hollow victories marred by controversy. Overall you will also have a drop in participation or more drug cheats just so they can compete. This is why I support rules and guidelines in sport for all Transgender Athletes. Not to demonize but to create a level field.

*Note: I did not list youth sports as I am not an expert in the field of endocrinology. But from my research the proper use of puberty blockers do create a playing field that is in favor of the CIS based athlete. This is due to the effects of the medicine given prevent the onset of puberty.

As I said the above group and I might agree to this point and only to this point. But this group goes several steps further than what I have briefly talked about. Their ideals of one of their co-founders even goes to the extent of Bathroom bills, Ban on all sports, and even support for Conversion Therapy. This co-founder willfully accepts the use of pseudoscience over real science and that is dangerous. Furthermore this person likes to say they are an expert in this field without credentials to back up anything they might say.

Once again I must say this is not a call-to-arms. This information is just so you know what or who you might run into. Being forewarned is forearmed.

Next, I am going also be adding a politician to the list.

Senator Claire Chandler [FB link]

I think it is a very slippery slope of banning anything or anyone by a political party when it comes to a private organization. i.e. Facebook and Twitter blocking Trump from being on their platform. It is not a government agency and therefore they have the right to do that. When it comes to what the Senator is asking for is banning the Transwomen from Cis-women spaces, activities, and services. This Senator has even gone to the point of working to pass a motion within her party the Liberal/National Party of Australia. (see picture)

May be an image of text

Let us be clear on this Motions are not laws. They are however a part where the organization stands up and says we agree to the above. There also needs to be a close look at the lack of wording in the line B. Violence towards someone who does not agree with your views is NOT okay. There are already laws in place that protect everyone from these types of attacks. But we need to see that the Senator is not just talking about physical violence. They are talking about verbal violence such as name calling, threats to their personal safety. The personal safety is something that is also not something that no one should be threatening. But without listing what type of violence they are being vague on purpose so that if a person feels unsafe because they were called an idiot. This could be called a abuse.

I do agree that there are some in the Transgender and Allies communities go too far in their comments and even to the point of threats. This is not acceptable and should be avoided at all costs. Because it lowers the right to a fair-go. There is nothing wrong with calling them an idiot that is your opinion. But make your point and leave it alone. Do not do the following it does more harm than good (see picture).

May be an image of text

I personally avoid the use of the term “Terf” at all costs. I find it is very polarizing and creates a wall that you must then tear down to talk to that person. But in the back of their mind it is still there that you called them a name. Yeah I have called some people my fair share of names such as “an uneducated buffoon” and “Idiot” but I make my point and leave it alone. But if the person engages in a conversation as to why you feel like this about them. Then engage but only to a point to support your statement. Avoid the use of swearing and the use of Terf. Whatever you do, DO NOT THREATEN violence. That is not right and it causes more harm than it solves problems or even opens doors. But always remember what I have said in the past that you cannot force someone to change their beliefs. They must do it themselves, it is like taking the horse to water but you cannot make them drink it. I don’t agree with the Senator by any means. But I do feel sorry that the above was said to her. We can make our points for equality by remaining civil.

I admit it is close to crossing the line when I call them a Buffoon or an Idiot. If Dr. King could rise above the hate directed towards him and his community so can the Transgender community. All these people are looking for is a new place to focus their hate and anger that the status-quo is no longer in their favor. All their arguments have been heard before just with different names. If you look at the history of what has been said about the black community and compare it to the Transgender community there are a lot of similarities.

Thank you for taking the time and having a read. To the group I have listed and to the Senator you are more than welcome to contact me if you disagree with what I have written about you. I will be more than happy to give you a chance to defend your views. But at the same time actions will always speak louder than words every will.

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