What would you do?

Do you know the beauty of the pen? It is mightier than the sword. I am a proud member of the Transgender community and a proud supporter and ally to all of those in the LGBT+ spectrum. So here I write because something needs to be said.

I tell my children all the time “By whom you associate with you will be known. Others will see your actions even if you are not doing anything. They will see the others and you will be judged.” I learned a long time ago be careful what you say and do on the internet it will last forever. You can never make a bad first impression a good second one.

So keeping on with the reason I called both of those groups dangerous. I felt that due to looking back there was something far more dangerous that of the obvious Transgender hatred. This was the undertow of the complete hatred and mistrust of all who were born with an XY variant. Even when I brought it to light there was a denial of it. I thought about it over the last couple of days. Should I share this link with all the horrific comments? I thought to myself that is me accepting an action that these people should be known by. That also means I would fail the test of “The standard you walk by, is the standard you accept”.

I don’t know any of these people. It dawned on me someone might. Would you want one of these people to be your nurse? Make your food? Teaching your children? Could you trust them to be fair and honest if you were on trial? Could you trust them in a business dealing? Would you allow them to babysit your children? What if one of your children was Transgender? This not a call to arms don’t do anything you might regret later. This is for your information to know who you deal with.

If little things trigger you don’t read the comments. But if you do I want to point out something that was very hypocritical. A large amount of responders (mostly White Women) were talking about male violence towards women (#noexcuseforabuse) also commenting that transwomen are as dangerous. But then a man responded stating he would attack a trans person if they were in a restroom with his spouse and child. Not one person called him out on it but me. I want to point out, without being able for him to check a person’s gender he could be attacking a cis woman who might be a bit masculine. It was abhorrent that all these people would allow another person to be assaulted without cause. They would even all allow woman to be attacked if she did not look/sound like them. Think about that…

Without further here is the post you have been warned but it is your choice. Remember this is not a call to arms but rather a time and place for you to look at who they are and think.

I did think of something that everyone can do without having to read and respond to all the vile comments. Facebook now has a button in the upper right hand corner where you can report a post. I did it and the more others do it the squeaky wheel can get the grease. Use hate speech & Gender for your reasons. I also want you to take the time and listen to what Bo say about privilege then look at all of those talking. Like I said there are very few who are not white in the comments of those posts.

I think Bo makes a number of great points in what he is saying. Furthermore you can look at your own life and make a check on what you are saying and your own actions. In case you have never heard the song he is talking about I am going to link the song from Cher.

Please remember that Cher is not White but is Native American. So, in conclusion what should be done when we find these types of post is to remove their ability to remain. This is NOT cancel culture but it is…

Consequence Culture

Think about it, you can say all you want about anyone these days. But there must be consequences to what you say. Those could be positive or negative it all is up to the communities that read what you have said.

Thank you for reading…

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