Transgender Children

Here is something that most people don’t think about when making negative comments about Transgender Children. All adults used to be youth who use to be children. I know it blew me away when I learned that as well. In fact, it might have been when my first child was born. I know I was being a bit of an ass. But you would not believe the things I have heard about the peer pressure, media influences, and even a dark agenda. I promise you that all Transgender Adults were once children who were Transgender. There is and never has been a dark cabal.

Okay, without trying to drag the above on too long there is some new information that has been added to the FAQ’s on Transgender Children [Link]. Due to a couple of new questions I have been asked recently. There are also a couple of new links in the Links page that are part of the information about Transgender Children [Link].

I am adding a news story from Australian Story about Paediatrician Dr Michelle Telfer who works with Children who are Transgender. It is a very lovely story with respect for her as well as Children and the subject. I will also put this video in the Links section [Link].

As I have always said I welcome any questions that someone might have about being Transgender. I welcome all questions that are valid and thought provoking. I do however ignore those that are bigoted or asked as a joke. This site is a passion of mine and I take it serious. There is a lot of time involved in research and looking for valid sources. If it is within your means I could use so help keeping the running costs down. Having run this site for over five years it has grown and continues to serve for the betterment of understanding. *Please remain respectful in any comments.

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