Dangerous Groups Update

Sometimes you wonder what rock these people crawl out from under. This group was brought to my attention thanks to the The Advocate Newspaper (Tasmania) and their article about “A new group opposes ‘gender ideology’ in public schools” [Link]. But what they did not do is their investigation of the group to whom they are talking about. Even worse the links that this groups is tied to. More should have been done before giving this hate group airtime.
I now have to look at every article and story to see if this group is already in my watch list. Let’s stop there and just introduce you to the recently added guests to the dangerous groups.
First up we have our very own Tasmanian Hate Group “Keep Gender Ideology Out of Schools Australia (KGIOS)” Which has a spokesperson Rebecca Crossin. This group feels that there is an over medicalisation of children. They also believe that there is a hidden agenda to turn children Transgender. They have even linked themselves with the notorious Professor John Whitehall of WSU (Western Sydney University). A lot can be said about the Professor but I think it is far simpler to just give you a link to a story written about him with his quotes and let him hang himself on it. This same professor is also FOR conversion therapy which has been WIDELY debunked as pseudoscience worldwide.Thank you to OUTinPerth for this wonderful article [Link]. KGIOS can even be linked to the hate site Genderhq (the second group added) which even their name suggest that they are going to give you the best information about being Transgender. Sorry to say but there is something that caught my eye right away and that is that HQ in their name is not meaning Headquarters it means Health Query. A query is far from what they are trying to achieve. In fact they are linked to a number of concerning groups [Link] but with deeper diving I have also found that they are part of a US based far right political group called the Heritage Foundation. Which they are on the Dangerous Groups Watch list and who soon might be on the Southern Poverty Law Centre’s site as well.
I must say that both groups need to have an eye kept on them. As well as take a HUGE block of salt with anything that they might link to or even suggest as fact. As most of the information that they are talking about is rehashed from the US and UK to which most of the professionals have little or no experience in Treating the Transgender Community.

One last thing and I will say it again, You are judged by those whom you associate with. It does not matter if that person has done some good the bad things that they do will always outweigh the good. The above groups and people just like so many others follow the very same pattern mostly white, religious fundamentalism, a sense of self-importance, a willingness to overlook science and the facts. Some of these so-called leaders once they are not heard will find someone else to demonize. Remember it started with the Black (POC) Community, then the Gay Community, and now the Transgender Community. Their hate knows no end and they will do anything to talk about it and hide who they are. Let’s keep turning on the lights so the cockroaches run. Share this post as your light switch.

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