Grant Tucker king of mental health?

Now you might be asking me why? Followed by who is that? So let’s go on a story about Mental health. With a choice a friend made and how he impacted so many lives without even trying. I am not even sure if he knew his choice would help so many people. I can even say that his employees overall are healthy individuals when it comes to their workplace because of one simple act.

To tell you why he might be a King let’s look at his profession. Grant is my attorney he is also someone I trust in legal matters. Trust is earned never given. When I first met Grant I asked him point blank do you have a problem with me being Transgender. His reply was such that I chose to use him in legal matters. What I did not know at the time was that he was a HUGE softy at heart that cared for others. One day I came in for a simple visit and low and behold I met someone new to his team (well not really all that new). So without further ado here is Chip.

With what is more than clear is that this wonderful team member was more than what meets the eye. As you may or may not have know is that Divorce and other legal matters are very stressful. Not only for clients but for staff as well. There are very few times that attorneys’ are seen in happy events. The stress is through the roof as those who come in are also stressed. Though for this team Chip was there. For those lucky enough to meet Chip in the office he was there for them as well.

Sadly, Chip is no longer available to help those in need. There will be a empty spot for many. Hero’s come in many different shapes and sizes. But the impact is always the same. So what can be learned from Chip is that simple acts of kindness heal and make the hardest of times easier. More employers should take a huge lesson from Grant and Chip. It does not take much to make big changes in mental health.

How does this apply to the issue of Transgender Healthcare? Simple Chip did not care and Grant treated me with kindness and respect. That at its core this is lifting where you stand. Making all that is around you a better place for everyone. Even to this day it is a pleasure to know all of the staff of the office and count so many of them friends. I hope that they are taking care of their mental health without Chip around to help.

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