Though I would let you enjoy a win…

If you have been listening and watching those who try to find every little problem with being Transgender. One of their poster boys is Ben Shaprio. But I am not really speaking out against him but to honest he spreads a large amount of misinformation. In the following video he invited Neil deGrasse Tyson to his Sunday show. Normally I do not share things from people that like to spread misinformation. So the video excerpt that I am going to link is on someone else’s site. I do not endorse this person as well. I try to keep those types of issues at a long arm approach. Though Neil sets some records straight and calls it like it is. You do not have to like Neil or even his approach to the public about science. But listen to the video and make your own choice. When you are done take the time and read the second half of the post.

Thank you for taking the time and watching. Aside from the cometary you can do a search for the whole video. I am not willing to support Ben by giving him more airtime. Though Neil hits on a very good point that might be or is over looked by Ben. That being “Why do you even give a shit” in response later Neil asks another question “Where are you going with this” I found these two quotes very interesting. As I feel that even Neil could see an attempted trap. The funny side is as he in my mind did see the trap he was far to intelligent to be suckered into a circular debate. Which would have only ended up with frustration. Neil’s points that it is science, that it is real are highlighted by his frequent use of the word “Fact”. He enhances what he is saying on the topic later by saying “I care what is objectively true”. Meaning if it can be proven he supports it.

As a person who is transgender and feels that the issue of sport is unresolved when it comes to Transgender involvement. I don’t think we have an answer yet. Nor do I think the current situation is fair for all involved. I don’t study this part of science though in saying that I do refer to sports scientists to make the best choice possible for all. But in my opinion we are NOT there yet.

Have the day you deserve.

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