You cannot change Biology

As a huge defender of the facts behind being transgender. As I have said I like to dig when I do research. I have always asked the question, Why? Why do I have to be like this? More to the point what is the underlying reason for the changes in evolution of a person that is Transgender. Yes I did use the word evolution but not like the Darwin. I am looking at the idea that at the time of being in the womb we evolved differently. Thus the use of the word evolution. We understand that the physical side of gender is developed during the first trimester. While it is that the conscious side of our development is done in third.

I lean towards the current conversations that all those who are transgender developed normally until the third trimester. I do maintain that biology is immutable or is it? What if we can change biology by using epigenetics as the cornerstone of that change. IS the idea of change is found during cancer research. Maybe time will tell. But lets be honest for this moment in time there is no way to change biology. But what I want to focus back to is that third trimester of development.

Bio markers and Epigenetics
Now returning to the issues of gender and the third trimester of human evolution in the womb. The above videos talked about genetic memory. Meaning that our genes have to remember to recreate every cell in our bodies over and over. This includes the cells in our brain. Still thinking on the idea of the memory of the cells. What if that memory in those cells became corrupted in the creation process where we might have been imprinted with some of the building blocks of the host (your mother). What I am not saying is that you might have some of your mother memories. I am looking in how the first cells in the egg that your mother carried might have had a mutation in them that made traits of the XX chromosome stronger than those of the XY chromosome. But as we know that it does take two to reproduce. We can also look at the basic building block called RNA which I’ll let this next video explain it better than I can.

In the 40’s-70’s a medicine was prescribed called Diethylstilbestrol this drug was later found to cause children of the mothers who used it to be at a higher risk of certain types of cancer because of mutations in utero. There was a study done to the question that it also played a part in being transgender.

looking at the above topics raised by scientists we must also look at a study done on Association of Exposure to Diethylstilbestrol During Pregnancy With Multigenerational Neurodevelopmental Deficits [link]. But this does not explain or even draw links to Transgenderism before the distribution of Diethylstilbestrol. More information can be found at [link]. Which is written by the father of the first study on the research.

I could go on and on about what I am researching at this moment as the rabbit hole is huge. But it might be safer to end here…UGH my brain hurts, lol.

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