Busy much…..

Well I find it enjoyable that I am very busy. Though more and more I am thinking I need a personal assistant (joke). As of the last time I wrote all of my readers I have been very busy. I figured that you might be interested in all that I am doing. How about a breakdown…

I am helping a PHD student with her research. Then adding on top of that I am working towards a personal research project. Which I am trying to gather information on virtual communications and the direct impact on personal mental health. As in the current environmental issues of a global pandemic person to person contact has been limited due continual outbreaks.

Human Library Project:
Over the last 5 years I have been involved with this wonderful project. This year I chose to become a board member working on keeping this project alive and healthy.

Being-Trans podcast
I have been so very busy somethings become neglected. I am so sorry for that. But I just posted the first episode of season 2. [Link] This episode is a run through on my up and coming speech with the Royal Commission here in Tasmania. Listen with care and understanding that it is a draft.

Royal Commission
Earlier this year I was asked if I would share my story with a Royal Commission on Women with Disabilities and the abuse suffered because of them. Needless to say that I felt very uncomfortable talking about this as I am a Transwoman. I did not want to draw controversy on such an important topic. I know that there will be those who say that my voice is not valid and that in conjunction the same is my story. I did a lot of soul searching to come to terms with this request. I ended up feeling that those who feel in opposition to my speaking are part of the abusers that we face. My eighth draft is on my podcast (link above).

Engendered Equality
Continuing on with my involvement with this set of amazing women. This year I was asked to assist in helping them find a new employee. Which was a rather large shock to be asked but it was nice to sit in the interviewer seat once more. I was delighted to find that my questions were important and well received. In November I am going back into training with them once again. It is always good to keep on top of things that are important.

Back to writing
Ugh, I try to squeeze in some time to work on the website, working on a new book, and my research.

If you have not known I have some amazing children. When they are home I divert a large amount of energy to supporting their educational needs. I also spend a large amount of time supporting one of them with their mental health needs.

I think that is about all the irons in the fire…maybe.

Oh crap I forgot about the divorce shit…

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