Dead Names…

So let’s talk about the power of names. Knowing a persons name has so much more power than a way to identify them. Some names contain meanings that extend past the paper that they are written on. It has been my pleasure of knowing many first nations people. Many who have names that link them to their ancestors. Some names are given to provide hope for a good future of the child.

I am forever linked to my previous name and it is forever linked to my Grandfathers. One of my son’s name is forever linked to this ancestry of those who came before the both of us. But I have always been transgender and that name only holds a connection to one person my Grandfather on my mothers side. But it is a masculine name and does not fit well to a woman.

I made a choice to leave the history of that name to my son. But I also changed my name to still represent it but in a feminine form still respecting the man that was my grandfather. I also change my name in a way that it would be easier fir my father to still call me a name he could be comfortable with. Though this choice would prove to be a wasted effort. But now I struggle with the fact that I am not 100% happy with the name I chose. But I created a life around that name thus giving it power. People now see it as the real me. It has also given some the ability to still call me “Al” who once knew in the role that I acted as.

My previous name is still used by certain people. Though it is used in a way to abuse and create an atmosphere of denial of reality. Those people know my chosen name and still chose to act the way they do. It is sad to say that one of these people claim to be a caring social worker. But they are willing to abuse those who are in the LGBTQIA communities. Still using the power of names but in a way to harm others. Thus we can see the power of names once again.

There are many reasons why people change their names. All of them are personal to that person. None of those reasons are for others to know unless that person shares the reason for the change. But it does not give anyone the right to abuse that person by using the pervious name. In the Transgender community we call that Dead Naming. It reflects very negatively on the person using it. We are even seeing those who care about others make a stand in saying “NO, you do not have the right to use that name” when people chose to dead name. #noexcuseforabuse

So here is my challenge, learn why a person chose the name that they use. Learn about who they really are behind the first opinion that you might have of them. Maybe they will share with you the magic of that name. There is a magic that lies behind my previous name and my current name. I respect both of them as I respect the journey that the pervious person travelled even if it was not one of happiness. Who I am now is Aleana Robins the magic that name holds is as an Parent, Educator, Friend, and Lover of life.

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