My Body, My Choice

I fully support a woman’s right to control her own body. There is no exception except in the case of mental health issues (i.e. body dysmorphia). The reasons 100% of women who need an abortion is none of my fucking business nor is it yours. If they chose to invite you into this issue it is a privilege of trust not a right. Enough said!

But I am going to throw a Monkey wrench in to the above statement. This will not make a number of groups unhappy with what I am about to say.

My Body, My Choice

Time to think! So if the above statement is true, it must be true for all things. But in saying that we must understand that NOTHING is free of consequences. We must also understand that consequences can both be positive and negative. They can also be both positive and negative at the same time.

Okay where is this Monkey wrench?

One group of society does not have the right to say that the above statement excludes another part of society. Right now there is two major groups using this statement. Women being on one side and the Anti-vax community saying the same thing on the other side. But there are those who are in both groups who say that the Transgender community are not valid. That they should not be allowed to have gender affirming surgery.

Consequences are that both of these groups become hypocritical in their statements and structure of their movements. But it is a consequence of the actions of others.

My Body, My Choice

I don’t care if you have had an abortion. I don’t care if you are an anti-vaxxer. I don’t care if you are Transgender (I know what you are thinking I am Transgender). But there are consequences to all of the above each with their own unique set of circumstances. If you are Transgender the consequences are personal. Meaning that they do not involve others in a way that will cause harm to other parties. Until you are in the shoes of a person who is Transgender you have no right in making any negative statements, laws, or actions towards them. This is because it does not harm another person. The same thing is with the topic of Abortion. If you do not have a woman’s reproductive parts you do not have a say in the matters around women’s reproductive rights. This also includes abortion issues. If you are not in the shoes of a person who is facing the need of such a procedure you have no right to make choices for that person. I know the arguments of the unborn foetuses. But once again not everyone believes the way you do and the science does not always back your arguments. Once again not your body.

Okay what about the Anti-vaxxers?

Good question. Here is one of the monkey wrenches I was talking about. It is their body and their choice. But (monkey wrench), there are consequences to their choice. These are not just personal consequences as they can impact others. You see I have met a number of people who are anti-vaxxers. They always try to persuade others of their choices and reasons that support that choice. But their choices always impact others rights to a healthy life. Some of their choice harm children and others. Thus removing the right not to have consequences of their actions. For example if you are not vaccinated for COVID then you cannot eat at your favourite restaurant. Or because your choice has restricted your child from going to school.

We do always come back to the statement “My Body, My Choice” with the understanding that there are always consequences. If some of those consequences make you look hypocritical that is your problem not mine.

BTW, yes I know I said “I don’t care if you are Transgender”. Here is why it is none of my business what is or is not in your pants. See how simple that is…
Yes I know I face daily consequences for being Transgender. My family does not wish to talk to me. But in return that because of their actions I do not wish to talk to them. When they find it is none of their business what is in my pants we can start talking again. But that is their choice and a consequence of their actions. At the same time it is a consequence for my choice. You see both good and bad at the same time.

My Body, My Choice – You can’t have it both ways. Equality is the right for all. Stop making excuses for personal hatred.

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