Dave Chappelle

I know that this might be a bit of a shock to many as I am not a huge fan of Dave. His type of humor always seems to be a bit of a punch down. He does make a few good points here and there. But to me they are always lost in the punch down. So many other comics do this as well but they avoid trying to make the topics not to look like an attack on that community. To me the kings were, is, and will be Richard Prior & Robyn Williams. I know you might be thinking why, because their punch downs were funny and not laced with placing a target on that person or groups back.

I do not like the line “Why are you taking it so serious. It is comedy afterall.” Because that line is the same line as “Don’t be so sensitive”. Which is a form of gas lighting. Which is a form of abuse. This is where we need to approach this problem of Dave’s new Netflix show. It is also a bit on the nose that a person from a minority is attacking another minority. What this is a shameful use of station. Which Dave has compounded the severity of his error in judgement.


Okay it is simple. When a person who once was in a lower part of society reaches a higher station in life has forgotten the struggles of where they came from. Then starts to make comments or efforts to purposefully attack those who are still in that different part of society. This then alienates the grass roots and people that once supported that person. Because that person is no longer in touch with the struggles that got them where they are. Their success will then begin to wither and wain with those who once supported them. The truth is that there are very few who will return from that type of self destruction. Because the people they attacked are hurt beyond a point of trust. In a way it can be seen in the example of the fall of Rome.

What can be done about it? Well, people need to remember how it felt when they were the target of something or someone. If they can remember that then sympathise with the Transgender community. I am not asking people to openly attack Dave or Netflix. What I am asking you to do is vote with your feet. Remember the baker who refused to bake a cake for a Gay wedding. People voted with their feet and he lost a lot of business because of his actions. How do we translate this into Dave and Netflix. Don’t watch the show and avoid future shows of his. This will send a clear message to Netflix to not promote this type of abuse. We need to see all types of abuse the same and not accept them. We need to respond to that abuse with the same level of disdain. We would not put up with it if it was someone in our lives so let’s not put up with it in public spaces.

This does not mean this will stop these types of people. It can’t and won’t at this point of time in overall society. But it does hurt their pocket books to a point that these types of people quite down. Daves points were driven from JKR actions and her views that resonated with Dave and he thought it would be okay to share his view. JKR lost thousands of supporters a group of society no longer trusts her words as her actions said other things. She also lost people in her new part of society. Will she stop? I doubt it but pride always comes before the fall…

Vote with your feet!

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