A new page is coming

I love change, even more so when the change teaches others. I have been working on this idea for a year now as well as other projects that I am currently involved with. This new page is going to be geared towards information about the truth about Gender Affirming Surgeries. Continuing with the same respect I have used on all of this site.

I will start with the information about XY based (Male to Female) surgeries and the different types. Then I will follow this with information about XX based (Female to Male) surgeries. Please understand that there is no disrespect meant with the labeling of these different surgery subjects. If we look at the spectrum of gender from XX to XY there is the middle that is Intersexed. I acknowledge that the spectrum contains other genetic chromosomal markers. But for simplicity we are going to use the known ends of the spectrum of XX and XY for explaining the types of surgeries. Though we will not be using the markers as labels for the information i.e. XX to XY or vice-versa. This is due to the fact that one cannot change their chromosomal marker it is physically impossible.

The section will have a cover page to allow you to select which subject you would like information on. From there you will be taken to a new page with said information. Please understand that in keeping with my goal of honesty on this page there will be information covering all aspects of surgery.

Please expect this page in the coming weeks. When this page goes live I will make an announcement accordingly. It might look something like…

With a simple question “Please select your destination” and a couple of buttons. I love the idea of the respect feature. After all it is about the journey.

Thank you

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