The UN is talking about women’s rights (all women).

I bet that not many people think that when someone is attacking the Transgender community they are also attacking the rights of all women. For example, if we can attack the rights of the Transgender going to the restroom then we can regulate Transgender children in schools. Once we are done there we will move on to healthcare. We will then move towards attacking their validity and rights to public access.

We will then draw a link about protecting women via sports, changerooms, and bathrooms. Which we will make women look like they need to be protected because they are not equal. But in reality, we will be saying that they are not as good as any man and that includes Transwomen as they once were men. But they also create a paradox in saying that Transmen are valid because they want their man card. Therefore they are more equal to other men and not women.

We will also start to attack parts of women’s rights such as the right to abortions and other reproductive rights. If you think I am making a false link you can take the time and have a look at the rights of all women in the US state of Texas. That has slowly and methodically removed the rights of anyone who is not Cis, hetero, white, and male. Other states in the US have seen this success and are following suit with their own attacks. A lot of the time this is done in the guise of women’s safety and religious rights.

In Australia, the attacks have also begun to follow the same path that various Hate and Extremist Religious Groups (ERG). That has found a foothold in the US and are looking to impose their belief structures worldwide. Recently we have seen attacks on the Transgender community following the same pattern by senators in Queensland, New South Wales, and Tasmania. Using techniques such as the divide and conquer. The largest attack so far has recently been done by the Far-right political hate group One Nation. Who proposed to remove rights from the Transgender community as well as removing the widely accepted research showing that those who are Transgender are dealing with a physical health issue and not a mental health issue.

Take the time out and listen to Victor Madrigal-Borloz of the UN. As he talks about what is taking place.

Report on Practices of Exclusion: Presentation at 76th UN General Assembly from Victor Madrigal-Borloz on Vimeo.

This is followed by

Gender Q&A Series #1: Are trans persons a threat to segregated spaces for women? from Victor Madrigal-Borloz on Vimeo.

Information on Victor Madrigal-Borloz can be found at Harvard Law, International Justice Resource Center, and the United Nations Human Rights. When you carry this much weight as an expert…

What I want you to think about is that it is getting close to the time to vote both in the US and Australia. What a lot of these hate groups are hoping is that people will not vote or make their vote invalid. There are also political groups such as the right-leaning Liberal-National parties in Australia that are following the pathways of the US in restricting voter’s rights. This will ensure that those who vote are able to vote are limited. What this is, is an attack on those who are in lower social-economical groups of our society. We all need to make sure that this type of far-right extremist action is stopped by everyone voting. I don’t care who you vote for just remember when you take one group’s rights away it is a slippery slope to others being taken away. Remember that the US is a perfect example of this.

Sorry my US readers but I think this is a case of the truth hurts.

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