I love change

Sounds crazy right most people want things to stay normal. This past year has been amazing with many thanks to the many good people at Engendered Equality. I have had the real pleasure of finding a better voice within myself. I have even grown to a point where I am happier with who I am. I still don’t care if others have not. This site will have a permanent link to Engendered Equality placed on the front page. I encourage everyone to take the time and have a look at this wonderful group. I know that they are based in Tasmania, Australia. But in saying that they are not alone in their efforts to end domestic violence.

I will also be adding a link to a project I have been in love with over the last 5 years, The Human Library. The goal of this group is to help others “unjudge someone”. The Transgender community needs to be heavily involved in this. Think about it if you could give 15 minutes of your time and change others’ minds about your community what would it be worth? Priceless I know. In a way, it is like being in your own TEDX talk and all about you.

The exciting thing is this site has also grown as a project of love. Continuing to reach for a deeper understanding of being transgender. Some say that it is not growing fast enough. I can only do so much with my own hands. As well as other side projects that I am involved in. Though nothing comes free these days nor does this website. In March of 2022, the old domain of aleanasjourney.com will be ending. Please adjust your bookmarks accordingly to avoid missing updates and posts. I will be ending that domain to save funds that are better used elsewhere. I am not one for asking for help a lot of the time. I am proud of this site and the time I have spent in keeping it running. But in December there is a renewal that is due to keep this site running. Over many years (7) I have funded this. Though this time I could sure use some help. A couple of spare coins to keep this site up or even a strange mysterious benefactor would be wonderful. Below is my link to my Patreon. Thank you if you can help.

With help, I can build this site bigger and better. I would love to get to the point where I can have guest writers tackling some of the hard topics. I would love to add a more comprehensive evidence section. Ever a spot for information of who is trustworthy medical services. I would also like to add a merch service. I feel standard visibility is going to be one of the main ways we can tackle the bigotry that comes from so many sources. With that, we can then save more lives this has been my goal for years. Sadly the US keeps climbing in the murder rate of the Transgender community and more must be done to combat these monsters.

I have also been thinking about looking at leaders for whom we can place our votes, all over the world. Though to be honest I am not sure if I have the time to do something this size.

After much feedback, the new color scheme will be staying for some time. It does take the edge off of the site. I always thought it should have a black background as I looked at it as the topic is black and white. But I am always willing to change my mind when I am proven it needs to, thank you, Susan. Well, I need to get on with my day. Kids to school and I need to get ready for a zoom meeting. I wish you all to have the day you deserve.

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