LGB Alliance lost – Which is a win for common sense.

**Note** Sorry this have now become a 2 part post [Link]

A while back I warned people about the LGB Alliance (LGBA), even placing them on the Dangerous Groups page. Thankfully people were listening and turning away from a group that promotes a hateful agenda. Let me make this clear, you cannot demand that you are being discriminated against while demonizing another group. Right now there are two rulings against the LGBA due to their discriminatory actions in the United Kingdom and Australia. One of which went to the high court in London and LOST. Both rulings basically said the same things that there were laws preventing that “which makes offensive, humiliating, intimidating, insulting and ridiculing conduct on the basis of gender, gender identity and intersex variations of sex characteristics” [sic].

Furthermore, there is no difference between the hate that the LGBA promotes and that of any other group such as the KKK and Australian Christian Lobby. This is something that Jessica Hoyle of the LGBA Tasmania fails to recognize this basic fact of groups that hate in her bid to ban the Transgender and Intersexed communities from their public events. In Tasmania, the LGBA lost their right to ban these two groups from being at events that they hold in public spaces. As a private citizen have no problem with the LGBA using their own homes to support this type of behavior. But when my tax dollars are being used that is a different story. Though it is also appearing that the general community also does not agree with the hate that the LGBA likes to spill forth as seen in letters to the editor of The Mercury newspaper this next picture belongs to them and it is nice to see some positive reporting. Please go and read their story.

Edit – the above was added after the original post

Here is something that also came as a shock when I found it out. That in the UK this hate group won the right to Charity Status. Even though at current this group still is anti-transgender and intersexed even if they claim they are not. I am looking into if this has also been attempted in Australia. Though with the attempts at discriminatory legislations such as their latest it might be hard to achieve.

I would like to thank the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Ms. Bolt for applying the laws that are in place to protect people. Though I must say that this hate-filled group now seeks an appeal of the ruling. That is like saying we appeal the right to hate others in public spaces.

It might come as a shock that I used to know Ms. Hoyle. Ms. Hoyle and the others might not be surprised that 90% (just a guess as it has never been polled) of the Transgender community don’t want to be in spaces or with people that don’t like them. I mean I sure in the hell enjoyed kicking and banning Ms. Hoyle from my media services due to her hate-filled comments last year. It came as no surprise that she has joined this group. Though I do feel that in the age of people wanting things to define them She has tied herself to this anchor. I only hope that she finds a way to cut herself free before her hate defines her. A lesson so many forget is that time is not always kind to people like that. If you don’t believe me look at people who support white supremacy.

Don’t get me wrong I believe that people make errors in judgment that lead them down paths and choices that one day they will regret. For example, I once had a friend that in his young life chose to be a member of the neo-nazi party. I was with him when he chose to have his tattoo removed his anguish over his poor choice was clear to see. He then worked even harder to repair the damage that others like him had caused. We all make mistakes though some of the errors and poor choices will last with us for a lifetime. Being filled with hate is just one of those things that will eat at your very soul and ruin who you could have been. If anything else happens due to their appeal I will keep you informed.


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