LGBA – part 2

Let’s tear down a few misconceptions that these types of hate groups try to mislead others with. But first I am very sorry that I am making a part two about the latest LGBA loss. There were a few new details that have come to light. We are only now getting more information about the attempt by the LGB Alliance (LGBA). One of which is that they wanted the exemption for three years and with the ability to require personal information about those who attend to prove that they were born with XX chromosomes. The problem with this is the use and storage of personal information. Groups that are in my Dangerous Groups page are there multiple reasons Some of which is the willingness to ignore laws, collection, and storage of personal information. It would be a safe bet that LGBA would not obey the laws that govern personal information. For example, If you did not know your doctor has to secure your personal information. They are also not allowed to disseminate that information to others without your direct permission. They also have to carry insurance to protect themselves from lawsuits should that information get leaked, stolen, or used improperly.

It is safe to say that Jessica Hoyle, Rebecca Crossin, Isla MacGregor, and others in the LGBA might not be able to take good and proper care of your valuable information. This might have also played a large part in rejecting their request. Then we need to also look at the usage of public spaces. Since the creation and usage of public spaces is to be spaces for all in the community to use. This attempt by the LGBA goes against the core of the purpose of “Public” use. Then on top of that, we have laws in place that govern the use of those. This is done to provide that everyone can use, attend, and be a part of. This is the very core of inclusion in the modern age. This is because everyone’s tax dollars are used to create and maintain these spaces.

The removal of anyone from the right to attend is the core of segregation and that my dear reader is part of bigotry. For a reminder let us look at the past actions of segregation. Remember the extreme of white-only spaces? These actions were the reason we now have laws in place to prevent this ugly side of society to return. One of the key tell-tell signs of this ugliness is even said by Jessica Hoyle “There are many events that cater for the trans community in Tasmania that are all-inclusive.” (Ahm… she fails to mention what they are because there are NONE!) Though when you tear what she said apart it is in the last words “that are all-inclusive” which means anyone can attend without fear of being excluded. This means you do not have to be Transgender to attend the event or even be in that space. But the hidden story behind what she is saying is that when you need to lie you lose. Your reasons and points for your argument are lost and all the remains are lies. If she was a parent she would have known this. This is how some of our children are caught out in lies. It is also why we tell our children it is better if you just tell the truth. That is because the moment you tell a lie and are caught it devalues EVERYTHING you say or do from that point onward until you are able to rebuild the trust. Then there is the case that when we look back all we see are question marks over previous actions.

I think I have said enough about the segregation issues, public spaces, and collection of information that are linked to their request. Though I am sure that we will be seeing a part three to this issue if and when the LGBA attempts to appeal the decision. I right now can only see one winner in this issue and that is the lawyers. The laws that surround this issue are very solid and having them watered down would open the Australian society to more rights given to hate groups.

Please don’t get me wrong there are tons of private groups out there that exclude others. But they do not request the usage of public spaces or public funds. It is a bit rich for this one group to feel that they have more rights than anyone else. This might sound funny as they are featured on my Dangerous Groups page. I feel it is their right to exist so long as they do not impede on anyone else’s rights to do the same. If they wish to exist let them do it in a private space, not in a public one. A great example of this is Bikie Clubs, Freemasons, Oddfellows, and Gay only clubs. But when they hold public events they all follow the laws of inclusion (plz don’t make me spell out all the laws).

I fully understand the issues faced by women and the LGBT+ communities, after all, I see more than most people do as I am a parent of young women. I also understand the issues of finding a partner as an LGBT+ person and the difficulties of living on an island. But living on this island is a choice whereas being a member of the LGBT+ community is not. We are not a very large community and creating a division does more harm than good. Jessica Hoyle could move to the mainland where there are more members of her community. Which would cater to her needs. She further states “I feel discriminated against by Sarah Bolt on the basis of being a lesbian, same-sex ­attracted [woman].” all while demanding that she/they be allowed to discriminate. In simplistic terms, this is what we call an Oxymoron.

Meaning of oxymoron in English

oxymoronnoun[ C ]   LANGUAGE   specializedUK  /ˌɒk.sɪˈmɔː.rɒn/ US  /ˌɑːk.sɪˈmɔːr.ɑːn/ two words or phrases used together that have, or seem to have opposite meanings:

One of the issues that the LGBA has used is that they should not be forced to “be with a transgender person”. Well, that is correct no one should be forced to be with anyone they don’t want to be. But all you have to do is not be with that person. News Flash its called free choice! The last time I checked we live in Australia, shit even those who live in Russia are not forced to “be with someone”. By the way, in the case of Jessica Hoyle forgot we in civilized society have laws against RAPE and SEXUAL ASSAULT. Then they have also used and supported the idea that Transwomen are trapping people into being with them. This line of thinking is old and a very used up homophobic “Gay, they will force me to be with them”. The irony of this is that the LGBT+ communities have worked so hard to get rid of this line of thinking. Only to have a transphobic subsection of the LGBT+ communities to breathe life back into it.

But enough about Jessica Hoyle and her failed bid to create discrimination. Let’s have a peek at some of the others who have supported Ms. Hoyle. Weak-willed people will always be controlled by others so who is pulling the strings behind Ms. Hoyle. Starting with Isla MacGregor it only took me five minutes to find more of her hate. In this day in age, we all must be concerned about putting things on the internet. At some point, they may come back to bite you. In 2018 a new law was created that allowed parents to allow parents to not list a baby’s birth gender. Isla MacGregor wrote an op-ed piece about the changes consisting of less than 200 words. I don’t like giving more airtime than needed to those who hate but I cannot fully tell you about the issues with this person if you cannot see it for yourself, then we can talk about it. [Link] So let’s have a good look at these statements that Ms. MacGregor chooses to spill forth without thinking about what she is writing.

“You are now just a mere male with a penis and testicles as opposed to a male with a vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes, and mammary glands potentially for childbirth and breastfeeding.” -p.s. I had to add a comma was driving me nuts.

Look if you are going to be this level of Crazy at least give some links so I can have some fun with those as well. First XY people will always be XY people being Transgender or Intersexed will NEVER change that. In this day and age, we are not able to transplant “a vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes“. Her assertion that this can be done fails to explain that stealing body parts is a CRIME, to begin with. That we also do not have the ability to Transplant body parts without anti-rejection drugs. Next, then we have another issue the XX pelvic area is larger than XY alloying for childbirth. Let’s talk about “mammary glands” I want to back up what I need to say [Link]. It does not take a rocket scientist to Google just a little bit before one opens with hate-filled rhetoric for the world to see. How does the quote go “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.” Yeah some things in 99.9% of all humans are the same in both XX and XY including all those in between. One of those is nipples and the mammary glands behind them. Though people we need to understand that the mature mammary glands are found in those on the XY side of the spectrum.

Let’s go to the next point of hers “Men can now menstruate and have pre-menstrual tension.” At some point, Ms. MacGregor has forgotten basic biology 101. Only those with a Uterus will menstruate. If you don’t have one you cannot do it. See above about Transplanting.

I don’t want to go much further on this type of crazy but here is the last one “gay male and you don’t want to have sex with a male vagina you will be called a transphobe” There are twofold problems here most gay men want other gay men. Not Transwomen who in their minds are seen as women. It’s not fucking rocket science that gay men do not want to have sex with someone that sees themselves as a woman. Yeah, that line of the crazy talk will only go so far.

Granted that at some point I am sure Ms. MacGreror will do some google and maybe even some research on her own but it will be mired in controversy. Most of what these types of people tend to do when they want to pick and choose on what to say all in hopes of not giving the full story as most of our society does not want to spend more than 5 minutes reading something. I am even concerned that at this point you might have given up on reading the rest of the story.

Knowing that if I take the time and looked at Rebecca Crossin I would most likely find the same foolish arrogance in misleading others to further their agenda of hate. This type of hate is nothing new. Over the last 4-5 years hate groups have been getting bolder and bolder. Recruiting weak-willed people to do their bidding as their version of “Brown Shirts”. Do a Google to find what a brown shirt is. I label these horrific people the same as the others in history. I don’t use the word Transphobe as something to designate those who do not like my existence or even want to be with me. We are now heading towards the year 2022 one would hope that this type of hate would be dying out.

I have a lot of respect for the Southern Poverty Law Center. Their attempts to end hate and focus on the repairing the damage that they have done. My dangerous groups is modeled after their efforts. Here is why I call the LGB Alliance a dangerous group.

What does the SPLC consider an anti-LGBTQ hate group?

The SPLC lists organizations such as the Family Research Council as anti-LGBTQ hate groups because they use dehumanizing language and pseudoscientific falsehoods to malign LGBTQ+ people. Some anti-LGBTQ hate groups support the criminalization of LGBTQ+ people in the United States and abroad, often marshaling the same debunked myths and demonizing claims in their efforts.

A major misconception – one that is deliberately promoted by anti-LGBTQ hate groups in order to accuse the SPLC of being “anti-Christian” – is that the SPLC considers opposition to same-sex marriage or the belief that being LGBTQ+ is a sin as the sole basis for the hate group label. This is false. There are many organizations, such as Focus on the Family, and hundreds of churches and other religious establishments that oppose marriage equality or oppose being LGBTQ+ on strictly Biblical grounds that the SPLC does not list as hate groups.

Does violence play a role in designating hate group?

Vilifying or demonizing groups of people on the basis of their immutable characteristics, such as race or ethnicity, often inspires or is a precursor to violence. But violence itself is not a requirement for being listed as a hate group. Because a group’s ideology can inspire hate violence even when the group itself does not engage in violent activity, we concentrate our analysis on ideology. An example is Dylann Roof’s racist Charleston massacre at Mother Emmanuel church in 2015. Roof was not a member of any hate group, but his act was inspired by the ideology of the white nationalist group Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), among other hate group websites. The CCC has no track record of leaders or members engaging in violence, but its ideas can clearly prompt hate violence. 

Conversely, there are some violent groups that are not hate groups. For example, we do not list racist prison gangs as hate groups, because their goals are primarily criminal, not ideological.

Understand this that you cannot separate the hate of one group from another. Hate and abuse must be seen for what they are as insidious actions and full of violence. Furthermore we must also understand that all of these groups promote hate and division. Even the weakest of armies know that if you divide any foe you will lessen their chance of survival. One of those ways is from within. So if you take one group and use their hatered of another you then create the dividing point. Once enough divicisnous is created then all you have to do is let it go and it will gain momentum on its own.

I have said it a number of times be careful how far you dig you might not like the mosters that you find. It is at this point I introduce some information that on the monster of the LGB Alliance. It is time for you to do some reading and to understand that when you agree to a charter with another group. You also get their monsters. Don’t be surprised if you lie with dogs and you get fleas.

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