Trans-women are Women?

I would love to talk about this statement. Over the course of two years, this statement has popped up on the scene as a definitive statement. I have a huge problem with it being an end-all statement. Yes, I do acknowledge that we as a community would like to be treated as who we identify as. But we also as a community needs to understand that the building blocks of our genetic makeup are that of XY, not XX or vice-versa. I am not trying to leave out the Trans-Men in this conversation. I just have not seen that comment being used for them. Nor any blowback towards transmen as using restrooms, fitting rooms, and the like. With so many anti-trans/terf people and groups popping up. It raises some concerns that this might be a triggering statement. As they see it as someone by force is taking over “Their” identity. Instead of seeing it as someone is understanding who they have always been.

This is a very huge problem! Why? Simply put we have been fighting for several groups’ identities not to be erased. But does this idea of the statement Transwomen are Women erase the validity of women as a whole? NO, and here is why. I want to talk more about violence. Every harm that is done to someone that identifies as a woman harms all women. Every person that fights for those rights of women is fighting for all women. I have been joining forces with Engenered Equality for two years now to bring an end to violence towards women as a whole. With so many amazing women arm and arm fighting for the same rights together.

In 2015 one of the world’s largest surveys was done on the Transgender Community in the US [Link]. Over 27,000 polling was used to create this document. Please note that the last one of this kind was done in 2005. I would like to see where we stand in 2022. But my concern is in the growth of violence that we have seen some of that violence is sanctioned by those that I spend effort and time to help defend and help gain rights for. Right now in the US alone, 45 transwomen have been Murdered [Link]. At what point do we stop seeing this violence as Cis-women vs Transwomen. Right now in Australia, there are some in the Government that is trying to create a religious rights bill that WILL hurt ALL WOMEN. I am asking for your help following this [Link] use this postcode 7250 to help stop this violence before it begins.

In the end, if it walks like a duck, swims like a duck, quacks like a duck…IT’S A DUCK. Transwomen are Women fighting the same fight parallel with each other heading towards the same goal EQUALITY.

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  1. Of course they are as trans guys like myself are guys

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