I fell down the Twitter Hole again..Stupid People

I see stupid people… Okay, so that might be a bit harsh. But we need to have a bit of a talk on both sides of the topic of Being Transgender. As I was falling I noticed that one of the discussion parts was on the topic of Genetics. Let’s make something very clear YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR GENETICS, BIOLOGY, CHROMOSOMES (p.s. I know what I wrote no need to correct me.) Okay, those are the building blocks of who you are physically (Period). Now for those who like to use this as a reason for bigotry stick it up your ass. Right now in the US the dumbing down of the education system is leading to people being misled by uneducated opinions. Yes, I know that the US is not alone in the dumbing down of the education systems. But damn it sure has the extreme side of it.

No matter how much Hormone Replacement Therapy you go through you will NEVER change the building blocks of your Genetics. Meaning that in 100 years after your death we dig up your bones they will show what your birth gender was. It is that simple and cannot be changed, even I know that. Your bones will also tell several stories that you might not be aware of. Such as how much calcium you had in your diet. If you ever broke a bone, had cancer, MS, or any other genetic abnormalities this list goes on and on. Your bones will also tell about where you come from in the world. But this is not everything about you. So haters it is time to learn where your arguments fail in regards to using this as a key point of your clap backs. Your bones will not tell anything about who you were. They will not tell a story about how smart you were in 3rd grade. They will not tell how much you hated Vegemite or if you had a Peanut allergy. They will also not tell anything about your personal inter attractions with others.

Remember that Gender is something that is formed in the mind. Physical sex characteristics are formed in your Chromozes. It is not that hard to understand. If we also look at those who are Intersexed we can see that the gender that they might feel comfortable with might also not align with what the Chromozes say. This is also a HUGE flaw in the arguments of those who are Gender Critialists. So if a person is saying that A+B does not equal C for them let them be they are who they say they are. You cannot disprove their thought processes as in 100+ years there is not going to be a mind to use in your argument. Unless you are going to pay the bill for another MRI study that has already proven that there is a difference between thought patterns and gender.

Holy shit I kept falling….

Dear me why cannot those who are filled with hate just follow the simple rule of “It is better to have people think you are ??? than open your mouth and remove all doubt.” I hate giving her airtime but JKR cannot just let things just lie. She got upset that some people who support a view that differs from hers stood outside her GATED home and took a picture. Well if that was not the perfect example of privilege. It was not like that address was hidden from the public until that very moment. If it was how would they have how could they have found out where she lived. She claimed a lot of things other than the truth. But then she gets upset that she is hated by a lot of the Cis and Transgender communities. Funny thing that is when you kick a sleeping dog they get pissed off and tend to bite. But she could not even leave it alone, here recently she went on another Transphobic attack once again. All I can see is shut up and stop kicking the dog. The Harry Potter book series would have gone down in history as one of the greatest pieces of literature. While it still will be that way it is forever going to be marred by the author being a bigot. She is one of those people who will forever be on the list of great authors but shitty people like JACK LONDON, ROALD DAHL, J.D. SALINGER, and GERTRUDE STEIN. But yes I know she is only human but serious she does have tickets on herself. If you also dig a bit in the books she stole a few things here and there. But don’t get me wrong they are some of the greatest writings ever. But I will not have it in my home and I will never watch the movies that were screen-written from her books. That is my stand on the point of the issue. Even though it is very sad to ruin something so very uplifting and magical.

The fall did not stop there….arghhhhhhhh

Twitter is a minefield. I cannot understand why I even opened the app thinking that I could avoid the rabbit hole. Well in a surprise one of the horrible voices of hate in Australia got prema-banned from Twitter. It looks like the group Save Women’s Sport Australia got the Twitter boot for their hate-filled tweets. Which is a win but then it got dark again. Let me say this much I do not care if you are a believer. You are more than welcome to believe in who you want to, as long as your belief does not impact my life. That includes filling my Facebook & Twitter feed with useless shit about going to hell. Here is a NEWSFLASH not everyone believes the way you do. If you are willing to believe in a God then give others the same respect to believe in what they may. Both cannot be proven so stop using your belief structure as a right to attack others.

It was at this point that I did not even attempt to continue with educating others who were factually wrong. I just closed the app and walked away in complete shock of all the hate. I cannot see the value of such an app. Do yourself a favor and avoid the app unless you like reading that kind of junk.

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  1. A passionate and well written article. You obviously have a grounded view based in reality and that is refreshing.
    The thing I have never understood in all my decades alive is why people get so bent out of shape when it comes to sexuality, to use the old term. Both sides of the fence have their percentage of raving lunatics which just makes things worse and never better. I’m an Aspy so do tend to think a fraction different to most people just as I see the world differently from most.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all live our lives and not have others ramming their beliefs down our throats?

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  2. The mutual throat jamming ban was implied but not clear. Consider that you and I may agree on some things while we would most certainly disagree on other things. Agreeing to disagree without resorting to the “modern solution” is the path preferred. It also allows for insights and understandings which sometimes allows for real advances. Then again, humans are a pretty screwed up species and the more we evolve the more we seem to revert to something less in some regards.


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