2022 Goal

Goal? why not Goals? Well, let’s start with that. I have many goals for 2022 but a lot of them are out of my control. So I count goals as something that you can FULLY control. If it fails it is because of your lack of drive or desire for that goal. So our little family has been making a goal each year and working towards it. Last year our goal as a family was to work to bring better unity to our family. We reached out several times to multiple members to bring them closer to us. Did it work? From our end yes. We accomplished what we wanted from those efforts. Will it bear fruits from those efforts, only time will tell. Though we will not let our efforts rest on their own yet we will feed and water them in hopes that they grow into something beautiful.

2022 GOAl

So as all things must change so must we. All my life I have had a talent and my children have it as well. We learn sign language fast and easily. I used to know Exact English sign language (ESL) which is very close to American Sign Language (ASL). But living in a new country (Australia) they don’t use ESL or ASL. In Australia, they use Australia Sign Language (AUSLAN) which is something that I have wanted to put the effort into.

So this year we are going to push to complete the goal of learning 365+ signs. How are we going to do this? Well, I am glad you asked. It is going to be done in two parts the first being using the Facebook page called “Auslan word of the day” which if you would like to join us in this year’s goal follow the link or do a google search for your countries sign of the day site.

The second is the tough part. Why is it tough? Well, it requires that you sign each word that you have used at every chance you can get. Don’t worry if you forget it just go back one day and work on the two words. It is a very simple thing to do. Right now we have three words that we need to know. But it does not stop with that. We must use these words in everything we do to make them part of our active memory. So how does one do that well if we say “Thank you” we must also sign “Thank you”. We have to do this with every word that is being learned.

The Third step might make some reach overload. But it is very helpful when you start to see that more signs are needed to have a conversation. Seach out the sign language library of which one you are using and add the words that you are needing. Now don’t be slack and think that you can just relax. This is where the real growth will take place. Here is AUSLAN‘s one that we will be using.

Why are you going to do this? Well, it is very simple we need to include others in our efforts to converse and make efforts to our lives better. The only thing constant is change. Will this change hurt anyone? No, it will only make people grow and think about more than the way they did before you started. What if people ask what you are doing or if you are hearing impaired. It is very simple you tell them what you are working on. Tell them it is the AUSLAN word of the day challenge. Let them decide what they will do with that information. You just keep working towards the goal.

P.S. If there is one thing in my life I have learned about signing it is that your efforts will not go unnoticed. There are those in our communities that go unnoticed because there is no one to sign to for them to communicate. Leaving that person at a disadvantage. Even if you are doing it poorly they will help you learn and they will think highly of your efforts. Now go out there and work towards a goal of your own or join ours. One way or another we will grow and change the world we live in. Be safe this year so that someday we might meet face to face. Have a peaceful 2022.

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  1. Aleana, thank you for posting this.

    I would say that goals are what gives us purpose to our lives’, and I would say it is our values that give our lives’ meaning


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