So I went digging in the garden of Sexuality again.

I was doing some research on sexuality. Why? Being Transgender sexuality is, can, and will be a difficult path for some of us. Society says that you were born with a dangly bit therefore you must be attracted to women and just the opposite for those born without the dangly bit. But this becomes very confusing when we know that being Gay (used as an inclusive term for same-sex attracted individuals) exists. But at the same time when you are Transgender, you might end up trying to figure out who you are attracted to. Why? It should be simple right? No, we have a society and it is always pushing the agenda of the straight normative. The reason for that is there are more people who are straight. But when you are Transgender you end up wondering what is normative for you. Some of society wishes that we would just keep to ourselves. Meaning that a Transwoman is attracted to a Transmale. But the problem is that is still along the thought process of the straight normative. When we know that the straight normative is only a social construct.

Oh, I bet with that last line I just kicked the sleeping dog, please don’t bite me. Now I am going to get people with their neck hair standing up. But follow me for a little bit longer. When I say the straight normative is a social construct I should give some examples. But I am only going to give you one and it has lasted as a perfect example of history through the magic of Disney… (Please Disney don’t get mad at me for posting some of your pictures.)

Now I know that Disney is not a society but it supports the normative. Mind you don’t get me started on the perversion of Pocahontas. There are some serious problems with that movie from a Native American point of view and the facts of History. Okay, back to the topic. When have we seen a major role in Disney with a gay couple? I’ll wait…

No, I won’t. Never, year after year we have seen the re-enforcement of the normative through the eyes of Disney magic. We are now only just seeing a change in TV shows but they are not at times when youth can view them normally. Thus a strait normative is created and fostered. But the problem is when you are Transgender you end up being bombarded by this norm that does not fit who you are. We hear this line far too much in the LGBT+ communities “It’s a choice”. We also have a new problem that appears in this that the Straight community and that is a denial of science that supports diversity and not the Straight normative. But if science is good enough for healthcare why is it not good enough when a kaleidoscope sexual attraction exists? This is a very good question one only those who are Straight can only answer properly. But let me back this up with three videos from TEDx events. These total 60 minutes but I think you need to take the time and watch them. With the last one, there are a few issues but at the same time, he hits on some points that are very important. Enjoy looking at your right hand by the way and that the Amygdala tells a story.

So how does this play into being Transgender?

Being Transgender we end up fighting the normative when it comes to sexual attraction. Follow me into this rabbit hole. I will use myself in the examples because I don’t have any subjects to research with/on. When I presented as a man I was expected to be attracted to women. When I started to transition the only question my father asked me was “Are you still attracted to women?” Sadly I was already dealing with a mountain of issues I did not want to fight on another front. I said yes and with a big sigh, I knew that I answered him correctly. I needed him to have my back, but sadly I have walked mostly alone for the last 8 years. But that is a different story. When I thought about my sexual attraction I have always enjoyed being attracted to women. Not only physically but emotionally to me there is a kindred spirit with every woman. I cannot fully explain it except with science some of which is shown in the above videos. I think differently than men mostly don’t bond well with them on many levels.

We also know that when those who are Transgender and start HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) there is an approximant of 30% that their sexual attraction might more align with the hetronormative. Meaning that before the HRT if a Transwoman was attracted to women they might become attracted to men or even bisexual. Now in my case, I because more towards bisexuals. Why? Well, let’s look at the issues of the Gay issues raised in the video. If the lower amount of Testosterone in the womb meant that we might see that the possibility of being gay is higher. But this does not explain the issue of Gay women and Testosterone. But there are other studies that the lack of or overabundance might lead to or detract from being Gay. So in saying that we can look at the issue of being gay, it’s Natural and so is being Transgender if we accept the science that has been done. If we argue with that science then why do we have the education to do so? If not get it because those that do right now are smarter than you.

So to leave you with some writings of information so you know I am not blowing smoke up your (((Whistle))) here are some links it’s going to be a bit of reading.

More information on the above subjects can be found in the Scholarly Articles section of this website.

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  1. Hi Aleana,

    I am Stephie and this is the first time I have read one your posts. I have not to long ago explore my sexuality in one of my blog post. I figure you and/or your readers might be interested. You can find it here –

    I appreciate that you take the time to write and share it with the world.


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