Joe Rogan and The facts

Joe Rogan, ugh what a name to put on my website. Joe Rogan is not without controversy. Nor is he a deeply flawed person. What he is, is an opportunist and a social media presenter. Take the time for a minute and just follow me on this crazy journey.

Here recently Neil Young made a stand to tell Spotify that he was leaving them if they did not do something about Joe Rogan and his show as Joe is an avid Covid Vaccine denier. Even though he caught Covid. But to save his life he took a plethora of other drugs to save his life and it worked. Though sadly Joe does not know the long-term effects of said Drugs on his system. Horse dewormer is a nasty one for its side effects. Using Steroids is even more dangerous. But in these people’s minds, those risks are nothing compared to the Covid Vaccine, fools. But hey I am okay if they don’t take it. I know right now you are saying “*&U&Y&%^^&%^”. But let’s be honest every good study needs a balanced set of tests. Joe should know that he is part of that study even if he thinks he is not. He is part of the Control group which gets nothing. Then we wait to see what happens.

Though is saying the above Neil Young was a fool. Thinking that he an older artist is going to command such power as to make Spotify drop Joe Rogan is foolhardy at best. So when Spotify did not remove Joe Rogan, Neil left Spotify. Which is also fine by me. But Neil forgets that 90% of other major platforms such as Youtube, Apple, and Amazon also carry Joes’s podcast. Neil wants to stand up for something when it is wrong and that is a great idea. But it could have been done with more impact. Not to mention that Neil is just now making a stand? Why did not Neil make a stand when Joe Rogan attacked the Transgender community?

dog whistle we’ve been hearing about lately: a coded message communicated through words or phrases commonly understood by a particular group of people, but not by others.” ~Merriam-Webster

We have been hearing this term a lot lately. I want you to take the time and think about the above and Joe’s audience. Joe’s listening audience is mostly comprised of Right-wing nut jobs, Men, Angry Women, and MMA enthusiasts. Joe’s team knows what Dog Whistle to use to make sure he keeps his audience. Believe radio stations do this all the time they target their music to pull in a group of listeners. Is it wrong, no should people be carrying signs outside of the radio station if they are not playing the music that wants to hear? Yeah, that is not going to work. Spotify is only making a deal to further their business and Joe’s show is part of that plan.

But back to Joe, he knows how to pull in a dedicated group of people who will fit his demographic. He knows what whistles to use to get them to turn into his shows. His Transphobic rants bring in listeners. So he brings in guests that support that ideology without giving a balance to the issue. The reason he does not want a balance is that might get his listeners to grow and expand their thinking. It is better to keep the sheep dumb to continue the status quo. It does not matter if people lose their lives to the junk he peddles on his show. He did not kill anyone others did. So he can rest at night. Is he alone in this type of media manipulation? No, he is not, just take a look at Tucker Carson, Alan Jones, the former Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, and the list goes on and on. These are masters of media manipulation. They know what to say and who to bring in to support the content that brings in the dollars.

I am going to share a rather long video with you but I want you to take the time and have a listen as well as look at what I have written. Then ask yourself if you understand what is really going on with the media around you. Now I know that this video is not 100% on-topic but if you compare the actions you can see a trend that is disturbing. After the video, I will give you some tips on what you can do to combat these types of attacks on logic, science, and common sense.

Okay, now you might be a little lost in all of this but if you take the time and think about what is being said and by whom and who is the target audience you might start to understand. You see all media does the same thing. Right now my target is an audience who are questioning the topic of being Transgender. I post information in a way that gets people to think about what is going on. I provide information that supports my topics. I also market areas that will bring in readers. Though the difference is that my efforts are not designed to make money. WHY? because in many ways it is a double-edged sword. It also means that I am going to have to use Dog Whistles to bring in more readers on a constant basis. Right now this is a labor of love for my community.

Okay, what can you do that is more effective than what Neil Young did. Simple stop listening, reading, and supporting the efforts of those who are misleading others. What Neil could have done is meet with other artists and send out a clear statement from that community that speaks up. Involve the media to create a story about how they are upset with Spotify and their support of Joe and his anti-vax bullshit. Then he could have also made a podcast that supports his views. But know this Neil Young is an aging rock star and his ability to draw an audience is limited. If you don’t believe me look at Ted Nugget. Ted who? You see media fame will only last so long. We don’t need to bang on a drum about how bad JKR is. We don’t have to talk about the grey line of plagiarism that is in her works. Don’t get me wrong I love the Harry Potter books and movies. Though I do think the greatest death in those is my respect for the writer herself.

So in the end, I don’t listen to Joe’s shows, I don’t follow him on anything, I don’t watch or read anything else from JKR or support her on anything else. I do this to all of those who are less than someone I would allow in my home. Yes, the hatred of the Transgender community is a dog whistle for many out there and so many people & groups are supporting such hatred. Know who they are and stay away from them. It is just that simple.

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