Being Transgender is the start of Civilization’s Collapse

Rome did not fall because there were Transgender people in its society. Anyone thinking that better head back to school and take some history classes. When we look at the idea that society accepting the Transgender community is going to lead to a civilization collapse it is a bit far-fetched. Now I have talked a bit about Joe Rogan yesterday but today I want to touch on one of his guests Jordan Peterson. Joe has problems with the Transgender Community. That is because he is in a position of power and needs to keep using his dog whistle to keep the money flowing. Jordan Peterson is in the same boat to keep money flowing in they say stuff that triggers a certain subsection of society. This type of control has been done over and over again by right and far-right types of ideologies. For example, the use of “The left is coming to get your guns” or even crazier “If the guns are taken away what will protect us from the Government”.

I live in Australia and used to live in the US. While in the US I used a lot of guns and even went hunting. Though for me it was not the hunt it was camping that I loved most of all. I love the outdoors and have always felt at home in the forest/bush. I am a left-leaning voter simply because I don’t buy into the ideals of the right. I am also okay with people having guns to go hunting or for competition reasons. Living in Australia I noticed that having a lack of guns did not make the Government take complete control over the people. It just did not happen. What did happen was that with the loss of guns such as semi-automatic and large magazines. We saved over 114 children’s lives in school [link]. When compared to the US over a ten-year period. Civilization has not collapsed or fallen into disrepair. Australia did not become a dictatorship or anything like that.

How does this apply to being Transgender? Glad you asked. Just like so many other things it takes more than one thing to collapse a civilization to fall. Normally when they fall it is things outside of that civilization’s control. Though we only hear about the ones that have fallen because of Greed, War, and Mismanagement. What I will say that is a GREAT threat to the fall of modern post-world war II are Greed and Inequality. But for Joe and Jordan that does not sell books, podcasts, or even interviews. Because most of society is looking for someone to blame other than themselves. Fearful of your government might turn out to be monsters here is a simple solution VOTE BETTER. Concerned about people who are Transgender learn about the medical condition. Learn about who we are as people.

Let’s also take a look at what Jordan said as it is a bit of doublespeak. What doublespeak allows Jordan is a way out if he is confronted by someone disagreeing with him. All he has to say is “I did not mean that what I meant was…”. Let’s look at it, Jordan said “sociological contagion,” then compared it to “the satanic ritual abuse accusations that emerged in daycares in the 1980s.”. Okay, let’s pull that apart…

Sociological Contagion

Emotion can spread rapidly through large crowds, as the massive social proof leads us into extreme states. This explains much of crowd behavior, where ‘normal’ people act in ways they may later deeply regret. Social contagion effects can also occur when people believe they have been infected by a disease. As more people show the (psychosomatic) symptoms, this is taken as proof that ‘I am bound to get it. [Link]

Now look at what he is saying and then look at his actions behind it. He is trying to create or nurture the Sociological Contagion around being Transgender. Which is part of his doublespeak he wants you to think that being Transgender is a Sociological Contagion because the bottom half of the description ‘That person is so I must be”. While ignoring the fact that he is trying to manipulate others’ ways of thinking. Also hiding the fact that you just can’t Transition without talking to the medical profession. We can also hear this in the ideas of the Mob mentality. Jordan later says that it is like “the satanic ritual abuse accusations that emerged in daycares in the 1980s.” What a lot of my readers might not know is that the US is filled with religious extremists more so than Iran, Iraq, or Afghanistan (I know those in the US will not like to read that, the truth hurts.) What some of them saw, heard, or read was “Satanic Ritual abuse that emerged in the 80’s” some undereducated will even misunderstand the word “emerged” and replace it with “was”. When you look at what he said and if you did not know the full story [Link]. You might be tricked into thinking that he is right. Children who are Transgender are being Tricked into this thinking this way as part of Satanic Rituals. Now speaking from my own experiences my parents were religious some of it to a fault. One of my sisters even more so and the other one did not care. I got into trouble for having the album Ozzy – Bark at the Moon, it got burned in front of me.

Calling something Satanic does not make it so. If we go back in history we can see that the Salem witch trials we a farce. That the Spanish inquisition was nothing more than fear-mongering by a religious ruling class. That the Dark ages were dark because of the lack of understanding and education that the churches restricted from people learning. Modern-day I remember when Judas Priest was put on trial for their music. When the religious Tipper Gore took on Twisted Sister. I am sorry to say but calling it does not make it so. The hate-filled word games that are being played over and over again age done by a few to fan the flames of many. Many of those listening are under-educated. What these two are peddling is nothing new it is fear of the unknown. When society falls into those types of issues we return to the so-called dark ages. Fear of Science is the real downfall of society as a whole.

Take the time and have a read of what Media Matters has to say about these two. [Link] It has been said several times that most of the policing of the Transgender community, that they are based on a misogynistic approach and tones. Meaning that we must protect natural-born (cis) women from the issues of the Transgender topic. They even use pseudo-science to justify themselves. That there are hundreds of young women are wanting to change gender due to rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD) which both Joe and Jordan have grabbed ahold of thinking it’s gospel. I also wrote about ROGD in this post and the problems with the so-called research that was done problematic at best [Link]. You can read more written by Elizabeth Boskey, PhD then peer-reviewed by Lauren Schlanger, MD the article is on Very Well Health [Link]. As a person who works with Engendered Equality to end violence towards women if ROGD is real then it might better be called a defense mechanism that young women are using to protect themselves from male misogyny. Also points to the issue that men like Joe and Jordan are the real predators. Women who support this type of thinking are also supporting misogynistic ideology.

I can continue on about the problems with Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson. But I am going to leave it in your hands to have a real hard look at the dog whistles that are being blown. If you feel like you need to make a stand you can do it in a number of ways Stop listening, Remove your support of Spotify and go to another music platform [Link], and or even sign the petition at [Link] (yes I know it is about the drama of him being a covid idiot). Remember in this day-in-age Joe Rogans Show is on more than one platform. So switching is not going to impact much if at all. The best thing for us to do is to stop listening to his show and sign the Petition. I will leave it there as this rabbit hole can go on for a very long time.

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