Dear Cis-people I did not think this was necessary

I did not think this was going to be necessary but here I am writing about Attraction and Sex. Ugh…

So I have a pet peeve DO NOT COME ON MY FACEBOOK AND MAKE A PASS AT ME OR INVITE ME TO LOOK AT PHOTOS OF YOUR BITS. I hear it a lot that Transwomen are not “Real” women, a lot of that is coming from Cis-men. If I had a dollar for every man that hop’s into my Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or even emails showing his bits or even asks me if I want to see their bits. I would be fucking rich beyond belief. Yes I know putting my contact information out there did ask for that, right? NO! It is like a woman wearing whatever fucking clothes she wants, it does not mean you get to rape her! Seriously fuck off on that type of thinking.

Cis-women before you might even get to a point of thinking that it is just “those types” of people. YOU ARE WRONG. I have friends in a group that searches and will find the truth of these people. You would be shocked at the truth behind who some of these people are. But you need to know that THE BIGGEST amount of of those who search out Transgender porn are in the southern states of the US. Yup, the bible belt of America. Oh, better not forget the great state of Utah (hahaha). Shocking I know more than anywhere else in the world those states. Mind Blown!~!~!~! Most of these people dropping into my contact media are from the US states as well. ~Hmmmm just saying.

Okay, dear Cis-people let’s make this clear. Just because my community exists it is not for your fetishes. Though there are some of us who do enjoy that type of attention it is NOT all of us. That is the same for your Cisgendered communities. BTW I should also not have to explain that PORN IS NOT REAL SEX! I could roll my face on the keyboard after yesterday. My site and profession are designed to help people understand the Truth about being Transgender and what life is like for our community. I love the saying “If it walks like a Duck, Quacks like a Duck, it is a Duck”. I live as a woman, I dress as a woman, I exist as a woman, I parent my children as a mum would, I fight for women’s rights, follow the path of logical thinking now I am a woman. You can define me as a Transwoman if that makes you able to sleep at night.

Next dear Cis-people let’s look at attraction. Cismen just because I am a woman does not mean that showing me your bits will make me attracted to you. You are 100% WRONG, who I am attracted to is someone that has the where-with-all to know that I value intelligence, kindness, and compassion. You showing your bits is a major fail in my book. I promise you that I am not the only one that thinks like this. I have fought so hard to be in this space at this point in time and I will continue to. I will tell the good and the bad of being Transgender with complete honesty. Me having to write this is one of the bad parts. Because I KNOW that some of you leaving me messages are Hypocritical and Bigots. But you have been watching too much porn and this “Hey, maybe I should try” needs to go. RESPECT learn it, use it, and then you will receive it.

My Bitch is over…

Oh, wait one more thing the next married man sending me his dick pick is going to get it sent to his wife. With all the kindness and compassion that should be afforded her, not you. Have the day you deserve.

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