A loss of what is right

Let’s start this off is a disclaimer. I am not a person who discriminates against others in any shape or form. I do not believe in Religion in its current form. But in saying that I give the right of others to believe. Until they interfere with my life. I know what I am about to write is going to be hard for some to read. Please take the time and have a read.

Over the years I have been asked “Why don’t I believe in God”. I think this is a serious misunderstanding on many people’s part. I do believe in something but that belief is not predicated upon harming others. To prove that I believe in this diety. Today in Australia a bill called the Religious Freedom Bill has passed one of our governing houses. ***This does not make this a law.*** They passed a bill that not only protects religious rights but at the same time allows those groups the right to attack others that they do not like namely the LGBT+ communities. This is not protection this if passed will be a license for those who feel it is their right to discriminate. We should make this clear that a lot of this violence and desire for violence is done so by major Christain based faiths. In the past, in Australia, these attacks have been done by the Australian Christain Lobby see Dangerous Groups Page. But with this bill, has emboldened other groups to make even bolder statements such as The Australian Association of Christian Schools. AACS has stated that this bill needs to be withdrawn because it prevents schools from removing LGBT+ children and teachers. If you ever wonder about lobby groups the two that I just talked about just caused the bill in the lower house to be stopped because there are concerns about how protecting children of the LGBT+ communities will impact the overall law. Meaning that they are not happy that they are being restricted from being BIGOTS.

But we should not celebrate the temporary pause in this law. Because it was going to the lower house which could strip away the protections. But fear, not those lobby groups were hard at it. Suddenly as fast as it went to the lower house they pulled the bill before it could be voted on.

Now I am sure you are wanting to know why. Well in an interview one AACS said they wanted it pulled because the changes were not in the spirit of what they wanted. Which means that they wanted the right to attack more than they wanted to be protected. So just like so many groups have been saying that it was just legalized discrimination. So where does this bill go from here? Well as I have said it is not dead as of yet. Even if they have withdrawn it. It is more like watching this space.

Sorry, it took me a bit to post this but I got bust being a parent…

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