Working with kids…

I have a joke about how people go bald. Normally there are only two ways the Managers and the Thinkers. Though I think there is a new one to add to my list Forehead baldness comes from slapping your forehead or banging it on the table. Which at times can be caused by working with children namely your own. Don’t get me wrong I love my kids and happily engage with them on many different levels.

I am a planner sometimes it can be said that I over plan. But the way I look at it if I plan it I am not surprised if something does not go the way I have planned. Though there has been a time or two when my plans have been destroyed by outside forces. I do like working with my children but they operate on their own timelines that I am not. ARGH! But in saying that it is the magic of them learning about our project.

Gabriel has been a joy for looking at websites and videos of the topic. I am hoping that he can find a pattern to emulate in creating his side of the project. He likes to edit film and work with discord. So Yeah this is going to be one hell of a project. You might wonder how this will tie in with . I think we need people to see us as just everyday people. What a better way to do that then this side project.

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