Time to talk about Gender and Sex

As I try to keep a large amount of information about being Transgender. I do miss good information here and there. The amount of information I have read is a rabbit hole without an end.

A good friend stood up to a Transphobic (gosh I hate that word) person. Then shared a video that I had not seen yet except on some TikTok videos. Now on YouTube where he can spend more than 3 minutes talking. So I am going to link his video. Take the time and set aside 30 minutes and become a little bit more educated on something you might have questions about.

How does one get their DNA sequenced?

Now I have only given one link just as a refrence so that you can see the costs that are involved. But at the same time there is something that you need to know about. There is no guarentee that the information will not be used incorrectly or sold to someone who does not care about your privacy. Once it reaches that level those people could do all sorts of things to your private information.
Next, quality yeah you would think that it should be very simple. But in saying that not all Labs are created equal or have the same respectful testing. Poor testing habits and labs can result in substandard results.

BSTc is the Genetics of Gender Identity. Here is a good article talking about it [Link]. It is a bit to read and study so I am going going to give you a taste and then let you search for the rabbit hole.

Last, Just because I have given mountains of information there are going to be those who will cling to the idea of faith and belief over science. Unless that science is saving their lives. You will NEVER change another persons beliefs. It is not possible, only they can do that. So if you give them information and they read it and don’t change that is their choice. You cannot force it that is the worst thing you can do. You can lead an idiot to education but you cannot make them learn. Sometimes you just have to walk away and let them learn on their own.

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