Sadness grips my heart.

Sometimes when life gets hard and it feels like so many people out there are out to get us. They forget they show their true colors. If you did not know by their actions you might be mistaken that these were “good” people. You might know them in other areas of your day-to-day life. Though in some parts of my heart I am very sad with the fact that I am adding another hate group to my dangerous group’s page [Link].

You might be mistaken that I am once again staring down a quote that has always been in my thoughts with a feeling of deep sorrow that it is true. “There is no hate like Christain love.” Don’t get me wrong I am not saying every Christain is a hate monger. Though there are those out there that are fanning the flames of hate. Without regard to health as the wellbeing of others.

So let’s get right to the introduction of this new group that is about to be placed on the Dangerous Groups page. So without further ado…

Family Voice Australia

“FamilyVoice Australia is a Christian voice promoting true family values for the benefit of all Australians.  Our vision is to see strong families at the heart of a healthy society: Where marriage is honoured, human life is respected, families can flourish, Australia’s Christian heritage is valued and fundamental freedoms are enjoyed. .”

If you haven’t guessed it this mob wants an end to Equal Marriage. They also were one of the voices that supported the Religious Anti-discrimination Bill that failed. Now this group is supporting Senator Chandler in her bid to pass a law that attacks Transgender youth banning them from single-sex sports. This hate-filled group also states “FamilyVoice Australia is a registered charity for religious purposes.”

Going to touch on something that I support and that is the need to Tax churches and groups that are claiming to be a church to avoid paying their fair share. If a group is willing to support (give money) to political sources in return for a favor. They are no longer a church that is a charity. They then should be taxed accordingly.

Now I maintain that I give everyone the right to believe in whom they wish. As long as that wish does not impact my and those I care about lives. We have reached that point. I was taken back yesterday when my son asked me when did I stop believing. I am always honest with my children. Though I never say they like my honesty 100% of the time. So we sat down and had a talk about it.

You see I grew up in the Mormon church I struggled so many times with their belief structure. I tried even following like a sheep thinking if I could just get through today. In 2014 I started to end my relationship with them. By the end of 2015, it was done and completed when they put out a statement about LGBTQIA, Equal Marriage, and the Family unit. I’ll give you a link for some better information on it [Link]. It was at this point that all of my faith in this belief structure vanished into thin air. Only in 2019 to change this stance as they did not think the impact of it would be so great [Link]. I told my son just a cliff notes version of why my trust in modern religion is gone. It is nothing that can be rebuilt as most of it is built upon the sands of lies and deception. I have told my children that if they want to be a part of a belief structure I am fine with that but do not allow it to harm those you love and have always loved you.

I grow tired of more and more groups being added to the Dangerous Groups and Dangerous Places. But it has to be done as no one else is willing to do it. So also today I am adding the US state of Texas and Florida for their continued attacks on Women and the LGBTQIA communities. I call on people to share this post or the pages I have talked about. The only way we can impact change is by dragging these monsters into the light. P.S. Get the fuck out of Texas and Do not support anything from there. Tesla looking at you

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