I fight and here is why!

I am late putting this up. So very sorry Rest in Peace Milo. I warn and warn that because of the Anti-Transgender bigotry in the US more will leave us before their time. It could be said that this is an attempt by those who support the anti-transgender laws to commit Genocide. #provemewrong #justnameone

Here in Australia, we have monsters like Senator Claire Chandler. Who actively seek to harm Transgender youth as well as create anti-transgender bathroom bills. So if you have not heard this is why we fight. #formilo

This young man fought and fought to not have an anti-transgender bill created in his local town. When it was announced that 18,000 people in Lincoln Nebraska signed a petition to create this law. The local government considered it a majority when there is 291,082 total population. Milo Winslow took his own life feeling like he had nothing left to live for. When it came time to lay Milo to rest his Family reverted his name back to his birth name. In the Transgender community, we call this deadnaming. Even in death, Milo was abused by his family.

For your information, the world’s average Transgender Community suicide rate is at 42% but in recent years the US has seen a rise to 60% and climbing. The US is quickly becoming one of the deadliest places on earth for the Transgender community. There are several Australian Senators who aim to follow the US. These are backed by several different organizations that lobby for this type of hate. #voteoutscomo #voteoutchandler

This is why I fight! #noexcuseforabuse I have used a lot of hashtags in this post please keep it going and share the fuck out of this. I would like to thank the efforts of @Akcrucial for the above artwork to keep the memory of Milo Winslow alive. Please take the time and visit the creator’s link page [Link] where there is a gofundme link. This type of abuse is killing people.

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