Let’s do a “What If”

What is a “What if” and how does it apply to Being Transgender?

A “What if” is when we look at any given topic and then look at the outcome of that topic. We then follow it with a “What if” which is designed to change the question or issue to result in a different outcome.

So let’s take the time and do a “What if” based upon the Gender Criticalists (aka Transgender Exclusion Radical Feminist) (from this point onwards we are going to call them GCRF because I hate the sound of TERF, what are we 3 year-olds) and their accusations of being “Attacked” by the Transgender Community. Now first, let me get this out of the way. I am all for people believing in who they may, what they may, or where they may. As long as it does not impede my freedoms. Meaning that I believe that you have a right to say what you want as long as it does not cause harm to me or those I care about.

Now as of late I have heard several times from GCRF communities that Transgender Activists have sent death threats, reported their social media platforms for Hate speech and other reasons, picketed their events, and Filed Lawsuits just to name a few. All in an attempt to censor their voices and opinions. Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes they have. Why? For so many reasons just like those who have made stands against the KKK, Nazis, anti-abortion groups, Religious Extremists, and Far Right groups. This is done because those groups seek to remove the personal freedoms of someone that they do not like (xenophobia or just plain bigotry). Now with the actions of those who are part of the GCRF ilk, I would have to say that standing up to them is kind of important. Though I abhor violence to end violence. Meaning-making death threats is not the right way to go about things.

So what is the “What if”?

Well if the GCRF ilk claims that they are experiencing the above-mentioned issues. We must look at those actions as a direct result of their choices i.e. Consequences. So how do you avoid consequences for your actions? “What if” you did not choose those actions in the first place? What I mean is very simple. For example, a friend of mine Kristi Miller had something horrible happen to her and instead of writing about it, I think it should be shown with respect to my friend.

Katherine Deves & Holly Lawford-Smith are no strangers to controversy. Both of them are active and very vocal members of the GCRF ilk. Who actively attack the Transgender community without evidence backing up what they are saying. But this goes one step worse. You see Katherine Deves is running for office and was caught. Now Kirsti is going to file a lawsuit which is her right to do so as Katherine Deves has falsely accused Kirsti of being a predator and a danger to women. But right now there is a second issue that Katherine Deves has been causing her problems. She was caught saying… “Ms Deves said she is standing up to the status quo and the establishment while comparing the flack she gets from activists as similar to the Jewish persecution at the hands of the Nazis.” Oh, and it gets worse, sometimes people don’t know when to STFU. Have a read of this article [Link].

Now for the consequences…

Right now there is a backlash that is taking place within the political party that she is using to run for a seat. “The Liberal Party is at war over the Liberal candidate for Warringah Katherine Deves with the state’s Treasurer declaring there is no “place in a mainstream political party for bigotry.” [Link] Now here is the kicker. If she does lose and is sued for her actions and attacks on Kirsti Miller. She will then blame the Transgender community for her consequences. It is in a way a catch-22, we are damned if we do nothing and we are damned if we do something. With these types of people, you cannot win. All you can do is what is the right thing to do and hope for the best.

Now “What if” she never said anything or posted it on her social media. What if she kept her views to herself. Would she be facing the backlash and legal risks? See this is the “What if” when it comes to those who support the GCRF ilk. We have even seen the backlash when in Tasmania a person tried to bar Transgender women from an LGBA community event [Link] sadly the person who tried this has now become a pariah within a small LGBTQIA community in Tasmania. TBH I wish that would have never been the result of her actions. But the Transgender Community is in a catch-22 again. I understood her motivations and why she wanted this to take place. But as I wrote it made no sense to do this. “What if” she would have just had the event and invited everyone in the LGBTQIA community?

Photo thanks to: zayzay.com

I love the quote by Levar Burton “I think we have a consequence culture and that consequences are finally encompassing everybody in the society,”

The truth is that there are those who do not want to face those consequences they would rather blame their targets for their failings. I am sure that if Katherine Deves never attacked the LGBTQIA and the Transgender communities then she would not be facing the issue of losing her bid to be in politics. Furthermore, if she would never attack Kristi Miller she would not be starring down the fact that she is going to be sued. In all honesty, I hope that Kristy holds true to this and takes it all the way. It would be a career-ending event for Katherine Deves, but at the same time, it would fuel her attacks on the Transgender community. “Oh poor me…Blah blah blah”

Catch-22 is the result of a “What if”. But please do me a kind favor and give some love to Kirsti Miller. Give her a follow on Twitter she talks a lot about the Transgender community’s involvement in sports and she comes from a VERY knowledgeable background. What was done to her and others was not right by any means. Also please make some noise about Katherine Deves she is not a good person to have in the government. You can make your voice known about Katherine Deves to the Australian Liberal Party. P.S. Don’t threaten them or her in any way that will solve nothing and only fuel her.

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