Things Change

I did not expect this part of the site to grow as much as it did. There is a page called Scholarly Articles. When I created it I thought that I would only find somewhere between 10-20 of them so I chose a picture for the links. That soon changed when I noticed that the amount had already reached that and is continuing to grow.

Right now I have a contact that I hope will give more information on on Transgender involvement in sports. I told her that I only want peer-reviewed articles. One that are back by fact that can be viewed and understood. A lot of the time I get suggestions from others and they are just something that someone wrote that does not contain key requirements to be that. If you do not understand what those guidelines are have a read of this page [Link]. If you think that I am missing something that uses those guidelines please get in touch with me at and I will take the time and have a look at the information and place it in the list if it is helpful.

From time to time I do find information from General Practice Supervisors Australian which wrote LGBTQIA+ Health and Inclusive Healthcare in General Practice An Introduction to Teaching and Learning [Link]. Now I just have to find a place for it as it was a pleasure to read. Even though there were a few things that could have been improved upon 99% of it was a great read and nice to see it being addressed in such a way.

So if you find something you think I should know drop me a line.

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