It’s been crazy

Oh wow, life can have its ups and downs. It is what you make of those that define who you are as a person. I have been so busy over the last month that I did not even know what side of life was up. I was hired to give a speech to a grad class of nurses at the Transition to Practice Workshop. Which to me is another step in getting information out based upon the truth of being transgender. I was given just one week to get ready for this and it was amazing. Though stressful with making a PowerPoint and trying to cram an hour’s worth of information into a half-hour.

I think I did a wonderful job. I am looking forward to the feedback form that was created for me. If what I saw in the room was an idea of what to go on I touched some hearts and brought some much-needed information.

On the personal side of life, things have been going nuts. I have not had the best of times with one of my children. But this is part of being a parent you take the good with the bad and try to make something out of it.

Last I was writing about going to a Royal Commission and told you as soon as they put up the video of it I would post it. So here it is if you just want to see my part forward to 2:50:33 (ish) and enjoy. I have yet to watch it as my Dysphoria gets triggered watching myself. Though if you could watch the whole video and see what other women have and are going through.

In also some supporting information I have found another document that is peer-reviewed that might interest you on “A Defense of Intentional Microaggressions and Microaggressive Harassment” which talks about “The Fundamental Attribution Error, Harassment, and Gaslighting of Transgender Athletes” I have added this to my ever-growing life of scholarly articles. You can find it under the sports section [Link].

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