Things get better

We hear this a lot as the LGBT+ community. In so much that it is sickening and almost cliche. But sometimes we as a community need to know that it does get better. So in an attempt to help my community, I am going to tell you a story that I think will uplift you.

I have met many people in the Transgender community from young to old and from struggling students to professionals. There are countless stories that lie behind each person. But today I am going to be talking about a business professional that is making the world a better place. But before we start talking about this person and what they are doing I need to make this 100% clear. This is NOT an endorsement for this business from this website. BUT in saying that I think this is a milestone in the Australian LGBT+ community if not the world.

Yesterday I was able to meet with one of the owners of Prydes Support which is a disability support service. So what makes this service so important and different. It has to be the structure of the business as well as Elli. Many times we have heard that “LGBT+ are welcome here” I have even heard it when disability support services have said it. But the truth is that “Welcome here” is a good thing to hear. Most of these services are missing that VERY important link. There is NO personal link to the Disabled community as well as the LGBT+ community. Most of these groups are run by cis-gendered, white, non-LGBT+, and non-disabled people. Don’t get me wrong their hearts for the most part are in the right place, every disabled person has the right to a good life.

I was to have a meeting with Elli one that I thought was only going to last for about 15 minutes. I was doing it as a favor as a friend of mine told me about this company. She knew as a Transgender woman I have been trying to find work for seven years and nothing had ever amounted to anything. In fact, I as of late have really felt let down. Not depressed, but close to hopelessness with employers. So I changed what I wanted and that is changing my hopes. Okay back to Pryde Services, this simple meeting became something more. I learned that Elli the person I was meeting was a very close friend of a good friend of mine. Ah yes, that six degrees of separation is at play here. When I say the LGBT+ community is really a family I am understating the truth. The moment I met Elli I was excited about what Pryde Services is doing. that simple meeting that I had planned for turned into 2 hours and only ended because she had to go to another meeting. In the end, I feel like I have made a new friend, business contact, and maybe a place that can use some of my talents.

Why am I saying “Things get better”? I am telling you about this simple meeting is that Elli’s team and herself are magical. Each person that she talked about understood and is part of the LGBT+ community. They also understand the issues of disabilities from a personal standpoint. That sometimes is a difficult part of this type of service. This is something that a lot of people don’t see that there are those who are disabled and are part of the LGBT+ community. We understand each other, and we know what we go through as a community. We just know… It is a connection that if tuned into creates friendships that are magical. Regardless of the disabilities and the LGBT+ factor.

For those of us in the Transgender community, I do not want to talk a lot about how this is a connection to our community. This is because I do not want to distract from the very important issue that is Pryde Services an ally to our community in so many different areas. If you are Transgender and can not see hope for a future don’t give up there are those of us working hard to change that. We are given such great examples as Elli that things do get better. Don’t give up hope.

Thanks for reading, make the most of this day.

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