Wow, what a couple of months it has been.

Talk about being on a roller coaster of life. Not that life is hard it is just one hell of a roller coaster. But at the start of Pride Month, I just want to say thank you to all those who have been viewing this page and sharing it with others. Six months and things are going fast and not showing signs of slowing down.

I will be speaking at a number of engagements the University of Tasmania has asked me once again to speak to up-and-coming doctors about Transgender Healthcare. I think I am speaking to over 40 of them on two different occasions. I have been enjoying working with the Living Library of Launceston (formerly Human Library). I am going to be speaking at a few of their events next week. Really excited about that, I love what they do! I am also trying o get off the ground an idea of mine that aims to lower the suicide risk of LGBT+ youth. I am hoping to get a number of organizations to get involved with that. But if you are in Australia and would like me to come and speak to your organization please email me at we will go from there.

We in Australia had a major change in the river of hatred that has been flowing for a number of years. We say the government create a bill of hate designed to allow religious groups to discriminate against the LGBT+ communities and Women. A vote that lasted into the morning hours only to be withdrawn by that government when the bill’s backers were angry that the LGB parts of our community were protected. Leaving the Transgender community to be the only one that would have been discriminated against. Those groups wanted the right to the whole pie not just one piece of it.

But then that government had to face the election. Just after all of the good people gave a huge breath that we did not go the way the of the hate-filled US (Sorry but the evidence is just too strong not to say that.) But in an insane statement, the PM who was speaking for his government chose to say that if he was elected he would try to get that bill passed again. Talk about making a lot of the country pissed off. Well, then he doubled down and chose to make a captain call (Katherine Deves) to allow someone to run to get elected. I don’t think he really thought out his actions. He chose a well know bigot who was caught several times making tons of horrific statements. She is even facing a huge lawsuit for calling a well-loved sports star who happens to be Transgender (Kristi Miller). Kristi can be found on Twitter at @KirstiMiller30 one of the smartest people I refer to when it comes to Transgender Sports issues.

The election was down and dirty with a number of “Oops” moments here and there. But then the day we all ended up holding out breaths hoping that we could end it with a new Government. Well the day did end and a breath of hope was released and hope returned. Change of that hope started to take place with hours of the new government. The bigot Katherine Deves did not get elected and there was a large number of independents were able to get elected which was a huge blow to the outgoing government.

Gosh, I wish that would have been the small part of what has been going on that has made these last few months a bit crazy. I have never shied away from being a parent and I am very proud of my children. But we have been dealing with one of them having some mental health challenges and that is okay. We all have those it is how we respond to them. I am not perfect by any means. I am still learning what it is to be a good parent. So as I work to deal with those issues I also have to keep my mental health in check. It is always a good thing to KEEP TALKING if it is hard on your child it is also hard on you. Just always remember that love must be the core of your choices in dealing with them. Keep yourself healthy for yourself so you can take good care of them.

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