New site update

Well good news people I have just added more information on the Scholarly Articles page. Bringing the total to 95 of them. I had to remove one as it was taken down on its host site. Though the one that was taken down was a negative one that was questionable in how it was made and the information that was in it. So I guess that is why it is now missing. Now I only remove sites on the lists if I cannot find a second copy or a review of that original study. I feel it is very important to give all information on “Being Transgender” which includes questionable studies. Shying away from the information that we do not like because it does not agree with our personal views is what is called Confirmational Bias. Which draws away from the validity of what I am trying to do with this site.

As I proudly say in my speeches “The only way out of ignorance is through education”. Education must not be afraid of both sides of a given topic. This is the only way we can hope to learn and grow. We are seeing in the US where the opposite is taking place where they are not willing to look at certain subjects that they might offend such as Slavery, Gender, and Sexual based issues. I will never say that this site is complete as the understanding of why there are those of us who are Transgender exist. It is my only hope that more people will turn away from Mythology and Ignorance to be enlightened by the truth of evidence-based research.

Well, I will keep everyone informed as changes are completed and new information is added. But this is the of the changes that have taken place. So have a wonderful day.

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