For my friend

Let’s have a quick chat. I am a gamer and I have built a wonderful group of friends who are also gamers. I am going to share a photo and ask a special favor of my readers. Here recently one of my good friends have been impacted by a monster that has touched so many others. But this is my friend who has been touched in such a shocking a vicious form of Cancer. She is losing her Mum in this world. She has allowed me to share this photo to all.

I tried to find out what we as her friends could do to help support her in this very challenging time in her family’s lives. In her family’s kindness my friend is doing a Dry for July to help other family’s who are doing it tough while fighting this monster. So many of us have dealt with this as well. The only way we can do is support others when we can. So to help my friend I am asking all of you my kind readers please follow this link and support her efforts to raise money to help others. What an amazing woman my friend is, I only wish I could do more.

Please spare at least one cuppa for my friend and the kindness she is showing others at this difficult time. P.S. TD your fat ass is fine where it is. Much love my good friend.

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