If it is not your body you have no right to control it.

Think about what I am saying within reason and excluding mental health issues such as Body Dysmorphia or Addiction. But on the average everyday person if it is not your body shut the fuck up. Bodily Autonomy should be the right of every person regardless of Gender. Right now in the US, there are those who have broken the law to end the law of rights for Women. The sad thing is that this group of law breakers might have harmed the whole world. You might say but they are the supreme court how could they break the law. Some of them lied under oath to get into their job. That is breaking the law and then they willingly ended the rights of women.

You see they say it was to send it back to the states to each make a choice on abortion. Because it was not in the US constitution when that was created. Well, there are a lot of things that were not in the constitution when it was created. When in fact what they did was much more dangerous than what they said. With this ruling created other issues can now be challenged and rolled back. Interracial Marriage, Equal Marriage, Civil Rights, and even the right for women to vote. Now you might think this is extreme when in fact, it is on the cards so-to-speak. The far-right of America does not like anyone who is not a Cishet-white male. Women are regardless second and third-class citizens. If you don’t believe me you have not been paying attention. Anyone in the LGBTQIA+ is a fourth-class citizen meaning that you are not worth anything to them all others will come before you.

Your legal rights will be stripped away it does not matter if you cannot see them doing it. That means you don’t see it Women’s rights are being stripped, The right to protest is being stripped away, The right to vote is being reduced and the list goes on and on.

What can you do?

This year in the US you need to FUCKING VOTE! No more games vote like your life depends on it, because it does. We did a good job here in Australia this last election to get the big Bigot out of the top job. Now it is the US’s turn to save what is left of their country. By voting out those that have DONE NOTHING. These last two years have been a huge waste on Tax payers money. Most things that needed to get done have of the congress did nothing. They have had years to make equal rights for every person.

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