So you are thinking of coming out.

So let’s talk and please bear with my thoughts…..they might help,

I hate the term “Closet”. Cause if you look at it in this type of light it makes more sense. We all have a shadow, sometimes it is big and other times it is small. We are always followed by our shadow, which carries with it the evidence of everything we do. The more we hide, the more the shadow weighs us down.

At some point, people see our shadow. What we have tried to hide becomes all too clear and they not being able to carry your shadow must let it go. So they tell others to lighten their load (we call it whatever it may be called). Right or wrong it happens. To us our shadow remains the same, carrying the same burden.

Our shadow is who we really are. If we take the time and step out from our shadow and release it, it becomes lighter. No more are we burdened by the worries of being seen by others. Cause we are the shadow, we are the truth that lies behind the person.

Yes, I feel for what you have just gone through or what may come from that person seeing your shadow. This right here right now is the hardest part walking out from your shadow. Learning to allow others to see the beauty of the true you. You can try to hide it again, but the more you repress the shadow the heavier it will become. Making it harder to walk out from it. When the shadow does break free on its own there may be harm that you cannot repair. There is no closet with a door that you can open and allow people in. Because your shadow will always be out in the open for others to see…

May your journey be kind to you as you find kindness for others. People will have their own opinions on your shadow. But they are not you and they have not walked the path you walk. They may say hurtful things or even hurtful acts. But you can rise above them and make the world a better place through your honesty. The best revenge is a life well lived even if you have to trim the fat before living it.

With love ~Ally

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