Keeping Busy as always

Slowing down NEVER! I made a TikTok channel a while back called Trans With Kids. I don’t post much and I wanted people to see what our family’s life is like. But to be honest, in the last three months, the chaos that we have been going through is not something I want the whole world to know about. I want to give that child time to figure out what is going on in their life. But at the same time while one has made a choice two others are still at home and making other choices for their future. As any “GOOD” parent I support them and help them find their feet in the future.

So I have talked about this on my page in the past. But my sons have started to build a business and are in the early stages of creating it but they now have a website that is up and running. As my kids are VERY pro LGBT+ Allies and support multiple communities as well as any First Nations People. They have chosen a name to pay respect to Australia and the Colours of those that came first. They even have a store for gear that supports their goals. It would mean a lot to me as a parent if you could take a few minutes and take a look at their efforts. Give them a follow and have a look at their YouTube channel as well. Their overall goal is to make videos while we travel on our Motorcycles in Australia. I think they will have a different view on what they see and experience in our travels. Just click on their logo below and you will be redirected to their new website.

Being a parent that does more than just verbally supports their children takes effort and time. I am working with my children to reach a goal of finical independence. While both are still in their teens and a bunch of the effort needs to come from me. It is my hopes are that they will shine with the idea and make it theirs. You see it does not matter that I am Transgender what matters is that I make sure my children become valuable members of society. Both of my boys will also be going to an Advanced First Aid course just in case they ever need to use those skills while waiting for proper medical services. I have never regretted knowing first aid. I have used it in several places and times. I encourage everyone to take the time and become skilled. You never know the life you might save might be someone important to you.

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