It was never about just sports.

Let’s start this off with I dislike the idea of Man/Women of the year. First, it never addresses the real issues. Real issues such as what has that person done compared to others. For a great example, we have seen such people labeled “of the Year” as Caitlyn Jenner, Rita Ora, Calvin Harris, Jared Leto, and Ivanka Trump just to name a few. Meanwhile, the vast majority of Women and Men who are changing the world for the better are left on the sidelines and ignored. It is more of a personality event than it should be. Some of the awards given are more of an ass kiss than anything of real substance.

Caitlyn Jenner oh dear, what the hell has that person done other than coming out in the last 10 or so years? What has she done to lift women as a whole? What it did by giving her the award was place a huge target on the backs of the Transwomen. Sorry but not sorry, most Transmen fly under the radar.

Now if you have been living under a ROCK in Australia you would have missed one of our most hate-filled persons at her best (Senator Claire Chandler). Something that you might have missed was the American-based arguments that this person loves to throw out. Even though these arguments are not even based in fact. But if they stir up her targeted supporters then she is able to get more votes. Just like in the US this creates more hate and violence. Early in the last election cycle when a religious rights bill failed because of the attacks on the LGBTQIA communities. Which was reduced to only attacks on the Transgender community. When that was overturned the Senator jumps on the opportunity to launch a bill of her own (private members bill) to also attack the Transgender community in regards to sports. Senator Chandler has for the last four years been on a hate-filled mission to stop Transwomen in women’s sports. As well as youth Transgender students from accessing bathrooms, change rooms, and sports. Which did also fail due to her party losing its place in government at the election.

But we still come back to the counter-argument “If Transgender women are such a threat to all women in sports because they will win everything. Who are these women? Where are they at and why is it just now that we are concerned.”

When the governing body that controls swimming passed its anti-transgender guidelines Senator Chandler jumped once again on her attacks sighting justification for her previous attacks due to this ruling. Even though other governing sporting bodies have ruled directly opposite of this. But as the young woman (Lia Thomas) who sparked the so-called need for the change was recently nominated for the NCAA’s “Woman of the Year” award. Senator Chandler is back at it even though this has no bearing on anything in Australia. What this does prove is it was never just about saving women’s sports. It shows her unrelenting attacks on the Transgender community.

Does Lia Thomas being nominated for “Woman of the year” mean anything in the grand scheme of things? Hell no, hundreds of people are nominated for awards all the time and they don’t win. It does not mean that there is some underlying agenda because that person was nominated. In fact, if she does not win she will be forgotten. But if you read what Senator Chandler has written in regards to this you might be convinced that there is that hidden agenda. It also stirs her followers that they need to be angry about nothing. Very few if any of them will ever be impacted negatively by a Transperson.

But I do come back to the issue of disliking these types of awards. These things are only a contest of popularity nothing more. If this award brings in more money they will use it to its full value. Without regard for the facts and damage it might cause (remember what I said about Caitlyn Jenner). There are so many people who are doing amazing things that will never be awarded for their efforts. Just the same can be said that there are so many others who can do Senator Chandler’s job without causing division and creating hate. Thus putting lives in danger. Soon Senator Chandler will be up for re-election and I will remain vocal that this person should not be a leader in the community. I call on others to do the same. It is time we stop looking for the lowest people to be leaders. Would you ask a welder how to be a heart surgeon? No, then why ask a person like Senator Chandler to bring a community together and be a positive for her community? If she is unwilling to do the job correctly elect someone who can.

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