From little things big things grow

I love this song and it is written with such heartfelt words. I don’t think Mr. Kelly knew that his words would know just how powerful his chorus would be. I love to look at my children as they grow. I was so proud when my children left Primary School and started High School. Now I am watching my oldest son at home is soon to be leaving High School and going to College. He is shaving now and his face is rough at times. Towering over me as he hugs me.

I have this photo of him that warms my heart every time I look at him. It might seem a crazy thing when you look at bonding with your child. But I have always known that this took place for him and me when he was an infant. Ever since those days, he has always been there.

About four months ago my son came up to me and asked to have a Motorcycle. We sat and talked a lot about it and looked really hard at his future. We talked about him going to university and building a business with his brother at the same time. We three then sat down and started to draft a future of that. Now it seems to be taking a lot of my time. But if I can help them make something where they can earn money and create a life for themselves. I think a good part of my work as a parent is being fulfilled. Then I just need to let them drive it from there. I am so proud of them.

How does this work with this site? I think people need to see that even though people can be transgender who they are is not only that. We all have hopes, dreams, and failures. As a parent who is transgender, I have ups and downs with my children. Some of my children seem to be doing everything they can for a good future and some struggle. This is the same with every family/child regardless. No family is perfect there are always cracks but those cracks can be fixed with gold and become something more. Life is a struggle in the end what we do with it matters more than we know. Echos reach throughout all time in those that come after us.

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