Please take the time and read then share with others. Right now in the US the rights of Women, Girls, The Transgender Community, and the LGBTQIA are being removed. Recently the ROE vs Wade was overturned in the US. Following that many states in the US started to ban Abortions. There are even laws being created that will de-transition all those in their states that are Transgender. That is ALL even adults will no longer have access to any treatments. They are also looking at the removal of Equal Marriage laws. Which will erase the marriages of those who were married before these laws came into place. Birth control is at a risk as well.

Now I don’t want to alarm and cause a panic. But I am going to say heed my warning. They will do whatever they can to enforce these draconian laws. Right now in Nebraska, USA a mother and daughter have been arrested for the mother giving her daughter an abortion pill. This was done before their new anti-abortion laws in that state took effect. Here is a link to one of the stories about this [LINK]. What they did is serve a warrant to Facebook for their private information on the Mother and Daughter. Which FaceBook did turn over. What also took place was the police were tipped off by one of the girl’s friends who found out this took place. Then that so-called friend gave information to the police.

LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR! Facebook does not give a damn about your human rights. They will turn over your private information to authorities when required to do so. As a good friend of mine who is an attorney once said SAY NOTHING, POST NOTHING, MESSAGE NOTHING, and KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT! This is a hard lesson for these two women now to find out. Right now in the US, nothing is safe not even word of mouth. So if you are Transgender and you are getting your HRT through the mail have it sent to a P.O. Box in a different State, City, or even have it sent to a Female Friend who is old enough to have Menopause (Like your Mum). Or if you are needing the Abortion Pill. Do not assume you are safe. VPNs will not protect you when it comes to messaging apps like Facebook, Discord, Snapchat, GOOGLE, and even TikTok.

Remove all Period Tracking Programs and Apps. These are no longer safe to use as they can and will be used against you. If you are a member of a Reddit or the like group about women’s issues get out of it! If you belong to an organization that helps women be very careful what you say and do. You are being watched. If you are a member of a Transgender website get out of it. If you have a Therapist that is working with you on your Transgender issues. Think about a different way to receive counseling that does not require you to do it face to face or needs personal information. If you have private healthcare DO NOT let them know your Period schedule or information as such. DO NOT let them know you are Transgender.

If you need to get an abortion and you must leave the state you are in there is something you need to know. There is NO WAY TO TURN OFF YOUR MOBILE PHONES ABILITY TO TRACK YOU WHILE IT IS ON. Trust me I have years’ worth of IT experience and knowledge. The moment you have found out you are in need of an abortion, turn off your phone when it is not in use. This is not a joke and if they need to track you to stop you from leaving the state. Phones can be tracked even with location services turned off. Once you are in a safe location for medical treatment do not turn your phone on for one week after the medical treatment. Pay for the travel in cash and cash only. So figure out how much it will cost right now to leave your state. Put that money in CASH in a safe place. They have not done it yet but if you are in “Flight” to a safe state they can freeze your bank accounts. For all intents and purposes, you are now viewed as a criminal and they will treat you as such. It is very possible that when you return you can be charged. So there might need to be some life changes. Single Women DO NOT BUY OVER-THE-COUNTER PREGNANCY TESTS. Have your mother or sister do it if they are married.

Okay women most men look at Porn. This is a fact and there is something you need to learn about. It is called incognito/private browsing modes on all web browsers. This will make sure no information is kept on your computer when your surf. But I have very bad news while this protects you at home it does not protect you on the server side. Metadata is always being collected so you might think that a VPN will protect you. Sorry, but you are wrong warrants can be served on VPNs to get that information. Once again we MUST go back to the attorney said “SAY NOTHING, POST NOTHING, MESSAGE NOTHING, and KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT!” There is a possible way to protect yourself and your data as well as using the VPN. That is done by using a browser called Onion [LINK]. Now I am not saying it is perfect it can be tracked but it is very hard to do so and it needs to be done while you are using the client. Setting it up is not easy and you might think this is the “dark web” but it is not. It is just another layer to protect yourself.

Oh, now one more last thing to touch on. Avoid doing the same thing at the same time at the same place. Stop doing that! I know we all like patterns that make life easier. But if you ever need “medical attention” patterns are bad. Yes, I know that even law enforcement knows everything I have written here. But law-wise if they don’t know, they don’t know. If you have to leave the state refer back to the attorney’s advice. Leave during a time when it is not likely to draw attention. I am very sorry to say the Transgender community did warn you. So did the Jewish community. So did the LGBTQIA community. Even the black communities warned you. But here we are…

Australia, if you think this could not happen here. There are some in our politics who want us to be like the US. Find out who they are and vote them out (Hint Senator Claire Chandler is one to be concerned about). BE WISE and share this post all women, girls, Transgender, and LGBTQIA communities need this information. It is going to get worse before it gets better.

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