I’ll keep warning you

I know I have said it hundreds of times. But it needs to be said once again as the danger has risen once more. In the last 48 hours our friends in the US Government (said very loosely). Have taken the time to allow everyone’s favorite bigot Rep. Majorie Taylor Green has introduced a bill that is designed to harm Transgender Children. This will also due to the way it is written WILL harm all of those in the Transgender community. Now I have two ways that you can read up about this hate bill. You can read an article by Vanity Fair that does not pull punches on it [Link] or you can read the horrific bill itself as the media can and does lie [Link].

Now I know what you are thinking this will never pass right? Do not bet on it the current tide of anti-LGBTQIA sentiments in the US place this bill at a high chance of reaching about 30+% positive votes for it. The Trumplicans will vote for it. A number of those on the Republican side of the political debate have their nose so far up the ass of Donald Trump that they will not vote for anything that he likes. I maintain that he must have a pile of dirt on a lot of them.

We must also look at the warnings of so many now that it is becoming a parrot act of people telling those that live in Republican-led states to get the fuck out as soon as possible. It is almost daily that laws are being passed that lead to the harm of others. Where gun responsibility laws are shunned but Anti-LGBTQIA laws are supported. We also have seen so many states that are willing to punish women who need an abortion. They have turned their backs on medical science to the point it is insulting to any teacher that took the time to teach them even the basics. But you also have those who have been elected that are for the lack of a better word uneducated.

In the US there are many calling the ever-increasing attacks on the Transgender community an attempt to commit Genocide. There are many in the open media that are drawing uncomfortable attention to the issue of Transgender Genocide [Link][Link][Link][Link]. These links were found in a 5-minute walk on Google. While the use of Genocide is to me a bit of a stretch there are alarm bells ringing that this is not a global-based issue. Though the ever-increasing loss of life is getting worse every year in some countries. Though one should expect that a Ten-year snapshot of the mortality rate and causes of the loss of life in the Transgender community would only show more of a critical view of the US and its hidden Transgender attacks. As many historians know that the US is no stranger to the crimes of Genocide even within its own borders. Then we add in the ever-increasing number of white supremacy in the US and the numbers will only rise.

We in Australia say at the horrors of the murders in other countries will never come to our shores. I wish this was a complete truth, but with bills trying to be passed by the like of the Liberal Party by Senator Claire Chandler and the One Nation Bigots. Then we narrowly avoided the Religious Discrimination Bill which would have given “Those special types of Bigots” the right to attack others without fear of repercussions. Even though Australia is mainly a secular country and right now there are more Non-believers than there are those that do. This type of hatred is here we must be careful to avoid the pitfalls of the US.

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