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In November I will be going on a motorcycle ride with my sons. From Sydney, New South Wales, Australia to Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. You can find the route on their website at I will be adding videos of my experience on this crazy trip with two teenagers and a week of adventures. I forgot how much fun it is teaching business principles to kids can be. There are times I feel like I am rolling my face on the keyboard trying to explain what their business plan is. I have been working with my son to get his license (Do your motorcycle homework).

I think putting up some videos separate from my son’s business and on this page might be very enjoyable for many. I am really looking forward to this with them. I thought I was going to be doing this ride stealthily but my oldest told me “Don’t you dare, you are you, and fuck those who don’t like you”. Damn this kid is spot on and I love him so much.

It is such a pain in the ass to write one business plan for year one. Then to expand that plan to a 5-year plan. With a switch in focus at the end of 5 years to a different set of motorcycles. Switching to enduro-based focus. So we could reach places and locations that we could not do before. I know I have been talking a lot about this part of my life on this site but I am very excited about all of their efforts and future.

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