The First Breath of Freedom

There is a magical feeling that each and every person who has ever felt the sting of captivity will know. This is the first breath of freedom. I have felt that breath on my lips. Many might think that it was when I was allowed to just be me. But sadly that is overshadowed by the actions of someone I once loved. Who cause me great pain until the day that I stopped letting that person control my life in negative ways.

It was a dark night the rain slowly drifting down as I drove away before the morning light. I ran in fear of what the light might bring. Days followed me like a staking monster. Always there but out of my sight. I was free so I thought my demon haunted me no more. Though in days future I would learn that this demon only changed in size and method of its control. Days turned to weeks then to years. The monster never grew tired always there while I was weary. One day I awoke to find that I was not the same person that drove away in fear of that monster. I was not that person who was scared of what the monster could do. I don’t know why or how I awoke the way I did. I started my day as any other then I opened the door and took a deep breath of the cool fresh air as it filled my lungs differently than before. I was shocked at the feeling as there was something unusually cool and fresh like that of the first snowfall. All was silent as I once more breathed in quick succession. My shoulders felt lighter my heart was no longer full of the sadness that once resided there.

As I walked tears of joy began to fall from my bright eyes. I knew that I had grown in fortitude and understanding. No longer would I allow the monster to hide for their power over my life was gone. The breath that filled my lungs like a small child was pure and filled with the joy of knowing I am finally free from my monster. Yes, the monster still follows but it now whimpers where it once roared. It follows openly where it once used the shadows begging to be noticed.

But free I am and care no more. With each step, the monster fades into nothingness. I breathe free, I am free…

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