I’ve been slacking

Sorry but life can be cruel and the drive to do the things you love can slip away in times of stress. I learned this yesterday…

H.O.P.E. (hang on pain ends)

To be honest it might not but you learn and grow past it in time. These last few months have been rough at times the clouds have been covering the sun. I have seen one of my children hit a low in mental health and my lifelines have all been rejected. They have walked away from their brothers and I. We only hope that they will find the strength to come home to open hearts and love. All children make mistakes very few cannot be overcome with love and understanding.

This sense of love and hope does not mean there is no sadness and a sense of loss. I have had to seek help to make my mental health better due to what is going on with this child. Just remember they do grow up. They will hit the “what did I do” stage. Be ready to love them when they are ready. No use in crying over spilt milk. What is done is done we can start on a new page in the book of us.

I’ve been dealing with a bank called NAB which lost thousands of dollars of mine. It hits hard when that money is needed for other things that are time-sensitive. P.S. don’t use National Australia Bank in short they are idiots.

Well not to much more has been going on except work and some schooling on important skills. Keep yourself safe and don’t lose hope.

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