First Aid

Okay, let me make this clear I think everyone should take a First Aid course. But let’s go one step further we all know about Physical first aid but did you know that Mental Health First Aid is just as important. When we think about mental health we rarely look at if we can help someone in the danger zone. Think about it do you have the right skills? Could you care enough to care openly for anyone regardless of Color of Skin, Religion, Gender, and Sexual Attraction basically unconditional?

(For those in the US)

All first aid is a hard thing to ask. But what if? What if it was your loved one? You know a parent, friend, partner, or even your own child. Could you take the time and talk to them to de-escalate a mental health situation? I have had to use my skills over 20 times in my life. I have used them once to even save the life of my former partner. Even knowing what I know now I would still do it again and again.

There are skills in both forms of First aid that will change the way you view the world around you. You begin to see people differently when you look through the glasses of a mental health first-aider. Now I will not kid you it is not easy talking to someone who does not think that they have a problem and you have to understand that you are not there to fix them. You are there to help keep them alive until the very skilled services can take over.

So in conclusion get off your ass and take the classes! As we say you never know the person who does might just save your life. p.s. Australians if you are out of work your job network provider will pay for both classes and it makes you look more attractive to employers.

(For those in Australia)

If you know of a emergency number that I have not listed please in the comments section list it. Thank you and take good care of yourself.

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