It was all going fine until…

I hate that I am judged because I am an American as being like other Americans on TV and in the News. Here is a news flash I am not…

Today I was invited to help out at Drag Story Time here in Launceston. This was to act as a shield for the parents that chose to bring their children to it. Let me make this clear I have some amazing children. I am proud of who most of them have become or are becoming. But as a parent, I would not take my children to this event. I however would not judge another parent for their children to it. In the end, it is just not my style of parenting. If you were to ask my boys I think they would say I am a very relaxed mama-bear parent. But I am very open with my children about issues like Gender and Sexuality. They feel safe talking openly with me about it.

My reason for saying yes to helping out was simple. I believe that you have a right to parent however you wish as long as you give me the same right. I understand that you have a belief structure that you support and believe in. I am happy to let you be that way. Don’t think I want to be like you or believe in your belief structure. As the day started at the event both sides of the argument stayed on their own sides until one person came to our side and began to spill forth their hate-filled rhetoric to people on our side. Before this person showed up our side was happy and filled with kindness, joy, and laughter. People talked with one another caring about the other person. Greeting new people as long-lost friends all out of love and caring. As soon as this person appeared and started to spew forth her hate everything changed.

Earlier in the day a foolish young man appeared wearing combat gear all in black with a pack. If anything this idiot did not scare anyone except to draw attention to himself as the police did profile him as a danger. When he came over and started calling people Pedo’s he got the attention of the police and not in a good way. But there was this amazing couple who blocked these hate-mongers by linking arms and turning their backs to not let this monster get by.

I even had a small incident with someone who thought they knew more about Transgender Healthcare than I did. While I admit I don’t know everything I do know a shitload though. I opened up school time by Ally and this person backed off when they figured out that they were not going to get one past me. Then her partner tried the religious push on me as well. If you know me you know I am not going to back down when the bible bash begins. Needless to say, he walked away as well.

“You don’t have to be the smartest person on a given topic. You just have to be the smartest person in the room.” ~Author Unknown

I am going to leave this hear with a few photos. As I want you to know the love that was there before the hate-mongers began.

BTW I did not want to take too many photos of people in case some did not agree. But this last Photo is the Manager of our local library. Sorry people he is not single, but damn does he look sharp. He is also a beacon of Kindness.

In conclusion, you don’t have to like Drag Story Time. If so don’t bring your children to it. But always remember that if you support taking it away because you don’t like it. Maybe next time you hold an event it might be yours that gets canceled. It costs nothing to be kind.

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